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ABUM NWAFOR BIAFRA (A poem inspired by the book #SectorIV

Sometime last year, I got a DM from @dictrace. We had met for the for the second time at the #GrillandRead book party. I will be sharing his DM with you, with hs permission of course and I hope you enjoy it too😃 

 I just finished your book SECTOR IV and it inspired some writing, I’m a closet writer (I write for my own consumption) but I thought I should share this with you…


I believe in the land called Biafra

I believe in the people of Biafra

I believe in the spirit of Biafra

I believe in the Diplomacy of Zik

The Dexterity of China

The Ferociousness of Kaduna Nzeogwu

The Courage of Ojukwu

Nwannem Abum Nwafor Biafra
I love the Calmness of Enugu 

A town akin to that talked about by the Messiah

Indeed it is set upon a hill

And enveloped by nature

Oh! What a city to behold

I’m in love with it’s industrious people

The serenity of its environs

The language of it’s people

Oh! What a song to behold

Imana Abum Nwafor Biafra
I love Rivers State

A land laced with aquatic splendour

A land where I have found a home

This land is the reason I can dream

I love the pride of the Kalabari’s

I love no nonsense Ikwerre man

And identify with the struggle of the Ogoni’s

This land is indeed the treasure base of Nigeria

Yet its people carry on in poverty

No wonder they avenge

Nwannem Abum  Nwafor Biafra
Sadly I hear cries of death in my beloved Biafra

Sounds of war, though distant but near

These sound are carried by waves 

By the people who claim to love my beloved

I hate to think these sound would envelop my beloved in no distant time

I hate to think that destruction may abound
Have we not learnt

From Stories

Stories told, though not by moonlight

We cannot yearn for more destruction

Have we not learnt from 3 years of Destruction

Nwokem idi sure na I bu Nwafor Biafra
Remember Aleppo?

The once bubbling city brought to rubbles

You want an Aleppo in Biafra


My Enugu would not be brought to rubbles

Our garden in Port Harcourt shall not be turned to death fields

We shall resist the calls for War

We shall rather jawjaw

Jawjaw that our Biafra may remain 


Abum Nwafor Biafra…


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#SectorIV now on #Amazon


As promised, I bring you latest updates on my new book #SectorIV.  #SectorIV is a love story that is set during the Nigerian civil war.  It is a story of love and loss.  Of  decisions we make and how we must live with the consequences of that decision. It is also the story of courage and the triumph of courage.  If you have missed previous updates find a preview of #SectorIV here

You can read the reviews of the book here here and here

If you like what you have read then you may want to buy digital copies on Amazon now:
#SectorIV on Amazon UK

#SectorIV on Amazon US

For people in Nigeria and who would prefer physical copies,  #SectorIV is available in  five cities for pick up:
Lagos tweet @Batarhe @moverick @IvyOrji or @fote1380

Abuja tweet @iphydivy or @Cherechy

Enugu tweet @xbyna

Ibadan/Ogbomosho tweet @niyiabiri

Port Harcourt tweet @HL_Blue

I will update as it becomes available in more cities. Also watch this space for details of book presentation and readings across Nigeria.

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