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Here is a video review of #SectorIV by Rotimi Fawole. Enjoy 🙂

My Books Reviewed

@toyosilagos Reviews #SectorIV


SectorIV is a historical romantic tragedy with so many themes, facets and dimensions, rich in historical facts and dripping with various elements enjoyed by lovers of fiction.

How might a feminist see this captivating story of hope, and the pursuit of safety in the midst of chaos and mayhem? An unmarried young woman surrounded by the ruins of war; what could possibly go wrong three? The journey to the phantom safety of #Sector IV takes readers through love, bereavement and grief, pregnancy, polygamy, widowhood, tough marital choices, and being a single girl in a strange city. The fictional romance story allows the perceptive reader a unique experience, like a roller coaster ride, through the life of women in the midst of violence and conflict.

While telling the story of the Biafran war from the perspective of many vibrant characters, the writer subtly highlights gender inequality and bias, social and economic rights of women and girls, as well as gender roles in domestic relationships. In some homes in Nchara, a kitchen matter is strictly a woman’s business, a man is disappointed that his only child is a girl but dreams of sending her to school in Cambridge; a woman re-christened by her in-laws proudly bears her new first name, while a husband swiftly serves his wife a hot slap in the heat of argument.

The author brought some often-overlooked and underrated feminine qualities to fore in this book: a mother’s problem solving ability, a girlfriend’s role on her friend’s wedding day, a confidant of the most intimate secrets and providing succor in times of grief. The writer showed women supporting other women through childcare challenges, while some others demonstrated generosity, compassion and resilience in the face of fear and danger.

Harmful traditional practices rear their ugly heads, even in time of grief and mourning. Picture a woman who has just lost her spouse in a war, returning to confront in-laws who prevented her from returning home because she could not bring the husband’s dead body back home. Such are the usually unexplored battles and struggles which the writer also beautifully captured in this interesting book.

Who would have imagined that a naked woman could disarm a soldier faster than a Dimkpa? The writer did, revealing the power of seduction and how it could save or take a life.

Not every man in Nchara is a wife slapping brute; a number of men defied the likelihood of brutality and stood bravely in the face of almost certain death in defense of women. Protectors, rivals, hunters, providers and lovers all make an otherwise terrifying trip to SectorIV a worthwhile voyage for all lovers of fiction.

My Books Reviewed

Joyce Odukoya: #SectorIV Review


SectorIV is a treat for lovers of fictional historical romance. It takes place during the Biafran war in a village called Nchara in present day South East Nigeria. The book explores various themes which resonate with the reader including love and sacrifice, loveless marriages, childlessness, self-preservation and vanity as downfall.

SectorIV adopts a unique style as it is written in present tense. This brings the book alive and keeps the reader actively engaged with the story.  I particularly liked the names of the four parts of the book (Revelation, Exodus, Chronicles and Genesis) which I thought captured the content of each part very well.

The characters in the book speak to you and are relatable and the writer ensures that the characters have a story within the story.

The best thing about SectorIV is its unpredictability. The writer makes it quite difficult to second guess what happens in the book and captivates the reader. My favourite scene is the sex scene between Onyinyechi and Duke which is very unusually but beautifully written.

The author set out to write a love story which takes place during the Biafran war and I think she succeeds. The ongoing war does not detract from the main idea of a love story and the relationship between the choices one makes and the consequences of those choices.

The only dip in the otherwise engaging plot is the beginning of the fourth part, though that is only because of how intriguing the rest of the book is.

SectorIV is a romantic tragedy which is set around the Biafran war, inevitably there is suffering, death and destruction but what I found really tragic was that the story ended without Onyinyechi really knowing…really knowing what? Well, you would have to read the book to find out.

As I read the final paragraph of what was a brilliantly written novel, my main thoughts were captured by this quote: “Vanity can easily overtake wisdom. It usually overtakes common sense.”

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*Dusts Cobwebs*

It’s been a while.

I’ve been searching far and wide seeking my mojo.  I had lost it for a while you see. Until sometime in May, it came to me. It wasn’t like a vision or anything. My mojo just came strolling back like it never left. And I thought: how to celebrate this return?

How about I write a book I thought.

I have been playing with the idea of writing a book for a while it never quite got round to it.  So I decided to give myself a deadline: Write a book. Complete the first draft in a month.

I’m happy to report to you people,  that I did it!

Here I am officially presenting to you the cover of my book titled #SectorIV. #SectorIV is what I would describe as a historical romantic tragedy. It is set in Nigeria of 1967-71, a period in Nigeria’s history that totally fascinates me.

It is the plan that the book will be available for pre-order from June 15th, 2015 and the first 500 orders will get autographed copies packaged in a custom made bag :). It should be out on sale from June 30th. Yes,  I’m excited.  If you would like to get in touch with me regarding the book in any capacity please mail me at

Oh, and I do have an arrangement with to have a preview of the book available on their blog site.  Of course,  followers of this blog will also get to read the preview here.

Thank you all for always reading my blog.  You have been a great source of inspiration.

Watch out for #SectorIV