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About Last Night… Now available for purchase

While you are waiting for the sequel to #SectorIV, I came up with something to keep you company. 

Please read about my latest offering,  available as e-book only below and if you like what you see,  buy now!


When Otutubike gets a new job as a Social Media Marketing Intern, he believes this is the reset that he needs. He can finally live his life like God purposed. Little did he realise that dropping Mercy off at the end of the office party will reopen the door to his past and lead him down a path he has worked so hard not to walk. 

About Last Night… is a story of a young man’s futile attempt at not confronting his sexuality in the face of cultural and religious bias.

Nigerian buyers head over to and download a copy for N500 only. PLEASE NOTE VOGUE PAY ONLY WORKS FOR VISA CARD USERS. ALL OTHERS USE BANK TRANSFER TO GTB ACCOUNT.

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Thank you for your support 😘

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Hello “Cover”…


This will be the last time.  But that was the same thing he said the last time and the time before.  Yet,  he is determined never to walk down this road again. He has been remembering the faded memory of his mother too often of recent.  Sometimes she wears a wig like she does in the photo his father has displayed on the mantelpiece and sometimes she only wears a smile with the rest of her body blacked out.  Her eyes tell him everything he wants to know.  Her smile is one of dissatisfaction. Today will be the last time.

They had planned everything.  It will be simple enough, entry and exit will be clean.  This is what bothers him. He hated plans that were easy and straight forward.  The more complicated, the better. But he had neither a choice nor a say in this matter.  He wonders how the rest of the crew will react later tonight when he tells them he is done.  It has been five years. They were fam, blood but he has to stop.

Sting walks into the room, his diamond studs twinkling on his right earlobe like a star in a dark night.  Even if he hadn’t seen him,  he would have smelt him.  He had a distinctive body odour.  That was the first thing that had struck him that day five years ago when he had rolled under a packed “danfo”  to escape the chasing mob. The five minutes he spent waiting out the crowd was enough for him to get used to the smell for lifetime
“Ready?” Sting asked.
There were murmurs from around the room and he had an overwhelming urge to tell them he wanted out. He didn’t.
“Let’s go!”

They shouldn’t have any problems. They had stalked the target’s social media page and knew he would be away for at least a week.  He still posted pictures of he and his family from their Dubai trip a few hours ago.  He had tweeted at someone that his younger sister would be home. AY had run into her and they had quickly become friends. He will be letting them in.

All they wanted was the content of the safe.  Sting hadn’t revealed how he found out about the safe and its contents. It was worth five million naira. This was the largest heist they had ever been part of and they had to bring in two others to make five.  AY  was one, the other was the man’s driver. The driver lived in the Boy’s Quarters and his job was to leave the gate open and stay out of the way after. The Mai Guard would be praying at this time. They were to complete operations before he completes his prayers.  Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Sting had the gun. He never carried a gun.  Ake carried a knife which he hardly ever used.  They never resorted to violence… There was just this one time, but it was the only time.  He had taken a walk round the compound earlier in the day and he knew the terrain quite well. Once more he felt that tug,  the urge to back out.  He ignored it.

He looks at his watch,  it is exactly 8pm. He can hear the muezzin call in the distance as they make it towards the gate.  He was to act as the sentry at the gate, just in case anyone chooses to pay an unexpected visit in the ten minutes they will be in the house. Sting and Ake will go in tie up AY and the girl; get the jewels out of the safe and walk right out. It suddenly occurred to him that he hadn’t asked if Sting knew the combination for the safe …It was too late to ask.

He tried to get his thoughts together.  Perhaps he will go back to school.  At 22 it isn’t too late for him to try to get a degree.  His father had tried to talk him into getting one earlier but he hadn’t been ready.  He remembers that day,  under the danfo when he first met Sting, how he levitated between holding his breath and holding down his morning meal due to the stench coming out of Sting’s body. He should have been in school that day but he had chosen to try out something he had watched in a movie and make some fast money. He had waited out the angry mob and when he wanted to leave, Sting had stopped him, saved him actually, he was older in the game and knew there was always that one person who would not leave with the crowd. The man had finally left convinced that he had vanished into thin air.
“Sting,” Sting had said as they rolled out from under the bus and they had become friends from that moment.

The sound of the gun shot brought him back to reality. It had come from within the house leaving him quite confused.  They had agreed no shooting.  The sound of a scream from the house reverberated forcing the Mai Guard to abandon his prayers and start running towards the house. He watched him go,  hoping his comrades will be running out any moment. Instead he hears AY screaming.  It took him a while to realise what AY was saying then it registered.
“Barawo,  Barawo!”
He slips out of the compound as soundlessly as he can and then begins to walk away leisurely at first as the crowd begins to gather,  no one pays him any heed.  He stops himself from breaking into a run, that would be fatal.  He gets to the car.  Ake had left the key in the ignition.  He gets in and drives off slowly.  He would drive towards Seme and then disappear. The only hello they will be getting  from him will be from the other side of the border.

This post is inspired by @MASKURAID

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Another SideChicks Tale II Episode 2

Chelsea walked out of the senators compound undecided as to whether she should leave her father dead. It was not as if he had been part of her life anyway and the closure she was seeking, she didn’t even get.

The senator had been dodgy about all the questions. He would not tell her directly why he had left her mother or better still why he had pretended to be dead all these years. He didn’t explain why after her mother found out he was alive, she still kept his identity away from her. If anything her visit to the senator only left her more confused…and angry. She could feel her nipples hardening. Anger always left her horny.

Her phone rang, just as she was getting it out to call a taxi. Akin. Chelsea picked at the first ring, a ritual from her university days. It was a signal to Akin if she didn’t pick at the first ring. They were not allowed phones in school so there was a need for ground rules.

Chelsea had known Akin for six years. He had waited for her for six years, from university to her masters programme. They had maintained a long distance relationship while she was in the UK and she got back to meet him still waiting. Akin was her world…yet.


The voice at the other end of the line was cheerful, flirty. Akin always sounded like he was whispering into her ears in the bedroom. Sometimes she wondered whether other ladies felt the same intimacy when he spoke to them. She had never had cause to doubt him. Akin only had eyes for her.

‘How did it go?’

‘So so’

‘You want to talk about it?’

‘Not really’

‘So where are you now?’

‘Was about to call my regular cab guy before your call came in’

‘Okay. just stay where you are I’m coming to get you’

‘No, you don’t have to…’

The phone went dead in Chelsea’s hands just as she heard the familiar hoot. She would have recognised it even in her sleep. Akin.

She stared at him in surprise as the car glided to her side. Akin stepped out almost before the car stopped.

‘Don’t get mad at me, I just felt you would need a shoulder to lean on and…’

Chelsea could not be mad at him even if she wanted to. She was used to Akin and his surprise stunts. Wasn’t that one reason why she was so crazy in love with him?

‘You will pay for this intrusion’, Chelsea said laughing

She could see that twinkle in his eye. He must have noticed her nipples which had taken on a life of its on.

‘Whatever you say, madam’. His response was curt, businesslike. But she knew it was a farce.

Chelsea got into the car as Akin went round and got in. He looked into her eyes, concern written all over his face.

‘Are you sure you are fine?’

Chelsea leaned over and planted a kiss on his lips. He kissed her back. She moved closer, the gear stick getting in her way. Akin cupped her face and tilted it backwards allowing more room for tongue to entwine with tongue. Chelsea let out a gasp as Akin sneaked in and rubbed his thumb over her nipples.

‘I want you’.

Akin leaned back and smiled. ‘What would have done without me. There’s this place, 5 minutes…’

‘Let’s go’

Chelsea could not keep her hands off him as he drove. Her hands roamed over his thighs and higher until she could feel his hard dick. He tried to make her stop but she wouldn’t.

They arrived at the hotel and Chelsea could hardly wait for check-in.

Two minutes later they were in the room. Chelsea went straight to the bed, fully dressed. There was something about the way Akin undressed her that she couldn’t lay a finger on. It was slow, deliberate, like scene after scene of a thriller as it built up to a climax. He snapped open button after button starting from the bottom to the top. At the last button she was already crazy with desire. He put his hand under her skirt and located the mound. He dipped his hands in. She groaned to his touch as he fingered her, while kneading her breast with the other hand. She opened wider arching her back, allowing herself sail in the clouds.

The switch from his hands to his dick was less a minute of pure torture. He pulled her to the edge of the bed and entered her. And together the rode to the throes of ecstasy.

The ringing phone woke her.

Akin had reached his phone before she even had a chance to open her eyes.

He spoke cryptically into the phone. Chelsea couldn’t even make out his words. He ended the call and smiled at her.

‘We have to leave now’.

Chelsea smiled at him and rose, picking up her discarded blouse and straightening her skirt.

‘You know I was thinking…’

Akin looked up from wearing half a pair of his shoes.

Chelsea went over and kissed him on the forehead.

‘Okay, what do you want?’ Akin asked, laughter in his voice.

‘I’m ready’.


‘I’m ready to be your wife’.

The look on Akin’s face was a cross between shock and surprise. At that moment, Chelsea knew something was not right.


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Another Sidechick’s Tale II Episode 1

I thought it would be a good idea to return with the next generation tale. You can find the first 13 episodes of Another Sidechick’s Tale here I hope you enjoy this season too 🙂


She stared fixedly at the sheet of paper. It was crumpled at the sides even though she had tried to keep it neat. She wouldn’t want him feeling that she wasn’t neat. Didn’t her mum always emphasize to her the importance of first impressions?

She didn’t want to think of her mother. Thoughts of her only brought tears to her eyes. Those last days she really wished she was close enough to make a little easier for her. But, it was really her mother’s doing. She didn’t even want to think of it as a fault. She would have given up the Masters Degree she now held just to be beside her mother when she passed.

She shook her head as if that would shake off the thoughts haunting her. She tried to steady her breath.

“Not now girl, not now”.

She needed her faculties intact. One thing she knew, if her mother was here she would not have stopped her from taking the action she was about to take. Maybe she would even have approved of it.

She took another look at the sheet of paper. It had turned brown in parts. Finger stains from reading again and again. Judging from how many times she had read it, she should have memorized the words but it seemed each time she read it, she saw something new.

“If you ever need anything, let me know”

Her needs kept changing as each year passed by. First, she needed money to complete her secondary education. Her mum had just discovered she had problems with her kidney and may need dialysis. That was the first time she read the note. The name and number meant little to her then. All her mother had told was that the writer was a very important man. She wanted to call him then but her mother had insisted she could only use the number to solve her own problems. She said she would be fine and asked her to concentrate on her studies. She did as her mother said. And somehow, as usual, money came.

Then that time in London when Gabriel left her and she felt so alone on the world. She read the note again and again until most of the writing became botched.  Did this qualify? How could she call up a total stranger and talk to him about her broken heart? She needed a friend.

And then after her mother called about a month ago, she just wanted to tear the paper to tiny bits and throw it into the fire. How could her mother have lied to her about something so huge.

She arrived at the gate. There was a lot of protocol. She wondered if the Senator always had so much security. She was frisked by a female guard and then ushered down a hall into a spacious room, it looked like a study. There was a huge piano at the center of the room and there he sat, simply dressed in a polo and jeans. Nothing like the photos that adorned the walls. He wasn’t even playing the piano. Did he know about her love for music?

She spent a few moments looking at the woman he was with in most of the photos. The woman was always smiling…yet, there was something about her smile that seemed to warn you to stay away. Something that warned you that she could bite.

He smiled at her

“I’m happy  you could come”

He took a few tentative steps towards her. She unwillingly took a step forward as he reached her.

They hugged but there was no love shared.

She brought out the crumpled sheet.

“You said if I ever needed anything”

“Of course”

He motioned her to a seat but she kept standing. He straightened out and watched her, unable to sit since she stood…maybe.

“Was it not enough that you made her a sidechick? Why did you also have to pretend you were dead?”


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A Fresh Start

She woke. Her eyes fluttering open reluctantly. It was 6.25am. She started as the phone rang again and stared at it annoyed. After confirming the caller, she took the call and answered drowsily.


The caller launched into an explanation. No apologies. This did not make any sense.

“Its over”

He couldn’t believe his ears. They should be talking about a wedding and she was calling it off?

“It can’t work. I have tried. Its not working.

She hung up, feeling suddenly drained. She believed she had done the right thing. She and Seye had moved from friends to more than friends and then they had become lovers. Something they both wanted. But it turns out, from her perspective that they had both come with too much bagage. A life she wanted to forget and a life he wouldn’t tell her about.

She gets off the bed and turns on her computer. She didn’t even give the break up a second thought. She had rehearsed this so often in her mind that it didn’t even shock her. The computer flickers on and the welcoming ‘Windows’ tone. She glanced to the bottom right. May 27th.

The dull ache started as she scrolled through her Twitter Timeline. People were throwing jabs and making jokes about Children’s Day. She read through, trying to contain herself, control herself. She couldn’t. It was another Children’s Day. Like the one when she lost her son 2 years ago.

Goshen was 8.  She had been trying for another after he was born but God hadn’t smiled on her yet, so she endured everything: inlaws who were urging her husband who himself was an only child to take on another wife. So far he hadn’t.

When the school came up with the idea of an excursion to the Ibadan zoo on children’s day, Goshen was excited. There was no way he wouldn’t go. She had her misgivings. But she couldn’t even raise them. Anything to make her son happy.

As she packed additional lunch, just in case Goshen didn’t like what was served, little did she realise that would be the last time she would see her son.

The news came in the evening. She had become worried sick. All the numbers to the teachers in the bus and even Goshen’s phone was switched off. When she saw the proprietor drive in with her husband, she instantly knew that her world as she knew it, had come to an end.

She woke up on a hospital bed. Ikenna was seated watching her. The doctors had her on sedatives. Her BP had shot up to 180/120. She was awake for just a few seconds, but she wouldn’t, couldn’t forget the look on Ikenna’s face.

When she finally got home a memorial service was held for Goshen. His body was never identified. A petrol tanker had lost control and rammed into the school bus before bursting into flames. No one survived. Ikenna refused to speak to her for several days after the service. His younger sister Ada made scathing remarks and she just knew it was time to move on.

A week after the memorial service, she moved out of the house and stayed with a friend. Ikenna didn’t bother to look for her. Two months later his relationship status on Facebook changed. Ada was not his sister afterall. They were having a relationship right under her nose and she didn’t know.

She met Seye almost a year ago. She had finally decided she was ready to date again. He wasn’t perfect, but neither was she. She still believed any relationship required work, a shifting of grounds until a middle point was reached. But recently, she noticed she seemed to be doing all the shifting while Seye dug into the ground and waited. She really loved him, but in this instance they needed more than love.

She dug out Goshen’s photo and stared at it. He should have been ten this year. Her land of milk and honey dried up in its prime. She wanted to cry but the tears wouldn’t come.

She rose and went into the kitchen. She had made a decision and she had to keep to it. 38 and divorced didn’t look like a good resume, but she was going to make the best of this life. She wasn’t going to settle for less because life threw her a bunch of lemons.

She made herself a warm cup of beverage with plenty of milk. And took a mouthful. And then she walked back into the bedroom. She looked so unkempt. What did Seye even see in her? She picked up her phone and called her salon. She hadn’t called them since her first date with Seye. 

“Yes, its me. I’m coming in”

She turned and saw Goshen’s photo where she had dropped it on the bed. She picked it and went back into the kitchen and held it over the fire and watched it burn. There was only one place she wanted to feel the presence of her lost son~her heart.

As the last bit turned to ashes, she gathered it up into her hand and walked out of the house. She stood at the veranda and opened her hands and watched the morning breeze blow the ash fly free.

And then the tears came.


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Now or Never

I screamed!

Dele had forced himself into my anus. My whole body shook as spasms of pain shot through me. He retracted.

‘Do you want to wake the kids?’

I rolled up in a ball as the pain
subsided but I could still feel the point throbbing. So this is what it had come to. Was my vagina no longer good enough?

I heard Junior in the other room. Dele must have gone to him. Some explanation about an ant bite must have sent him back to sleep.

Dele forced me to turn over.

‘Sorry, I won’t put it there again. I didn’t know it would hurt you’.

You didn’t know?! I had begged and pleaded, tears running down my face, knowing what you were aiming at. Asking you to spare me the pain.

I kept my face averted. There was no need for him to see the hate and pain and anger that were in my eyes. This was supposed to be love making.

I scoff.

Lovemaking. The type I had dreamed of as I read those steamy romance novels, as my heart beat in tandem with the heroine’s, anticipating with her the first touch; the weakness of the knees that comes with that sudden wetness; the throbbing of the nipples in arousal as it awaits the touch and then the wet lips suck; the groans of pleasure as he fills her and then goes from shallow rhythmic thrusts to stronger more urgent bangs as they both reach the heights, two hearts in one.

This was no lovemaking. Dele no longer cared whether I was ready. Sometimes it was just a question of ‘turn around I want to fuck’ and when I refused, he would take it by force. The only scripture he remembers so clearly: do not be depriving each other of it. He forgets: love her as your own body. This was no lovemaking. Can there be a making love without love? I lay on the bed and let him do his thing.

True, there was a time I used to anticipate Dele’s coming. When I would look forward to being with him. Had we not made love everywhere conceivable: in the car, office, under the moonlight, kitchen table, floor, standing, bath tub, hotel room…just name it, we’ve done it.

But something changed. Or maybe in my naivety and haste to become Mrs Somebody I didn’t stop to see Dele for who he really is. Why didn’t I notice that Dele had the capacity to rape. Why didn’t I notice that a key weapon in his hands was emotional torture?

I have lived through the torture these past five years. Everyman that speaks to me must be having sex with me…or at least wants to. I have had to break up all friendships, cut off my family just to make him happy and lately he has been asking me to stop talking to virtual friends. All our problems seem to come from other people. He says he loves me. All he does is because he loves me. I want to believe him but my heart has made its own decision.

I wished he had just taken without inflicting so much emotional and physical pain. But these days a ‘lovemaking’ session is preceded by my getting the story of my life laid out- all I am to him is a cheap whore. I give it to any man who stops to ask. Today, the culprit is my boss whom I had a meeting with earlier in the day. If you gave to your boss, then you should give it to me as well.

As I watched him hump, enjoying the sweetness I felt in pain. I knew it was now or never. I have rehearsed this so many times. I clutched the kitchen knife and shut my eyes. All I wanted to remember was one sweet memory but all I could see was the many faces of torture and pain. It was now or never.

He shut his eyes in ecstacy and in that second, I saw my chance to shut his eyes forever…


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Thoughts of a Triple B

Dear Diary,
I have the most delightful news. I just learnt that MD would be paying our backlog of salaries tomorrow *does a tap dance* And guess who told me? Tony! Remember Tony? The new guy in Tech? The one I can’t stop talking about? I haven’t stopped thinking about his lips, imagining how it would feel against mine! Yeah, I should stop dreaming, right? I know, but I can’t help myself. Tony is just one of those guys you meet and you just can’t stop drooling and dreaming. But my dreams would soon come true because tomorrow I’m buying my BB.

Yes! That’s why Tony even noticed me. I found the courage to talk to him even though my stomach was tightening and my feet were shaking. Thank God I was seated so he didn’t notice. And when he spoke…Gosh! I hope I didn’t make a total fool of myself! I must have just been staring stupidly at his lips, imagining…I need to get a hold of myself!

He explained to me in that sexy, deep rich honey voice that I can just fall asleep listening to, that because of how much I have a BB 9700 would be best, that’s the one they call Bold 2. Then he said some technical things I didn’t hear because at that point I felt like his warm hands were on my thigh and slowly moving up until it gets to…I should stop! These thoughts… It’s just been so long since I felt this way for anyone, since I’ve been with anyone. I know, Emeka should have taught me never to feel this way again but…

Anyway, when I get my BB, I’m going to be on a higher level than that nasty Alice. Hers is an ordinary Curve 2, she can’t even receive 3G network. Tony said Curve girls are always on EDGE. I couldn’t stop laughing. And she is there thinking Tony likes her. I will show that ‘villagian’ what’s up! Yeah, I know that’s not a word…but calling her villager would sound ‘toosh! Imagine that she pronounces Levi’s as if it is ‘levy’! Proper villagian and she’ll be forming ‘bigger gurls!’

Plus, she is very lazy. Kai, I’ve never seen any one as lazy as she is. Once MD steps out of the office she just starts pinging every one of her friends on her BB and abandons all the office work to me. Either that or she goes over to Tech to see you know who. And he too will be smiling and talking with her. Maybe its all those low cut blouses and short skirts she wears. She doesn’t fail to remind me that she’s a 38D. One day, I too will learn how they come about all those sizes. At least with a BB I will always go online and Google all the information. Hahaha, I just remembered, that Alice girl calls it ‘Goggle’!

Tony said it would be a good idea to buy two batteries since the BB battery is always draining. He also said I should buy a media card, I don’t know what that is, but I’ll ask them at the market. He said he will transfer music into my phone. Imagine! I will be listening to the type of songs he listens to. I am beginning to think he likes me too or why else will he want to transfer his music to me? He said after I buy the phone, he will help me set it up. I know I can do it myself, but imagine me near him as he does that. I’ll be able to take in the smell of his perfume and maybe, just maybe he will touch me…

Tony said he’ll help me download applications from Appworld and also teach me a few tricks that will keep my BB in top shape. I can’t wait for tomorrow to come. My BB will bring me closer to my dream of being with Tony. *yawns* I have to go now. Sleep calls. I’ll tell you all about tomorrow, even if MD is killing me with work, I’ll definitely stop by. I’ll tell you all about my new UK used BB9700…

P.s If you have not read BB’s Journal then follow this link to Techsuplex


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