#GrillandReadLagos2: Fun All the Way

20 Dec
#GrillandReadLagos2: Fun All the Way

Sunday, December 18 2016 will go down #GrillandRead history as the best event ever and the template by which other #Grillandread events will be measured. From the guests to the audience to the ambience to the palmwine, all things came together to produce a great show.

@tonypox was in his element as usual. I think he should be an auction master. The book auctions are fast becoming one of the most exciting features of #GrillandRead and this time, we had books from @Quramo_Limited, @Rovingheights and the anthology “Route234” for auctioning. We also had artwork supplied by @ToniKuyinu. All proceeds went to @TCL_lnitiative.

We can rightly say we delivered on our promise to make people see reading events as fun and have fun during a reading event. Spoken word by @Olulu4ever and @Rezthapoet was top notch. Authors, @moskedapages and @PeluAwofeso impressed the audience while talking about their books. The talk by @nkwocha_chris was quite enjoyable and in all you could see that everyone had a part of the event that impressed them and most, had two or three 😜.
 Of course, the book and food stands were again the points of convergence for a lot of our guests. Many, as usual, wanted the palmwine but we also had iced tea, water melon drink and water for the guests.

We must take out time to thank the people at @ethnicheritage. They were superb hosts and they have excellent customer service. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone wanting to host a book event on the island.
A low point for the event would be the timing. People did not arrive on time and this has been noted as we travel from city to city. Come 2017, we shall work around this so that people who arrive on time will not be forced to wait for those who are late. 


We ended 2016 with a bang thanks to all our friends, fans and supporters. It has been an exciting four months of learning and growing since the debut of #GrillandRead in August 2016. We look forward to greater collaborations in 2017 as we open new chapters in the book of Grill and Read.

We will use this opportunity to thank the publishers who worked with us this time. We thank @quramo_Limited and @rovingheights. Our guests, @nkwocha_chris, @tonikuyinu, @peluawofeso, @moskedapages, @olulu4ever and @rezthapoet. We thank members of the G&RVolunteers and the #GrillandReadingSupportGroup and all others who helped to promote and support #GrillandRead in cash and in kind. God bless you all.

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