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Musings of a Tangled Tongue Review by @JoyceOdukoya


I haven’t read a book of poems since I left secondary school, years ago. When the author told me she had written a book of poems, I looked forward to it because I had read her poems on twitter and thought they were really creative and well written. I wasn’t disappointed when I read the book of poems.

The poems reflect the author’s delightful and interesting personality as captured in my interactions with her on twitter. If I was to compliment the collection of poems in one word, I would say that it is “fresh” (check urban dictionary or think of of the Black Eyed Peas using the word in approval for The Voice contestants!)
The author’s use of metaphor to convey her messages in the poems is evident from the first poem, “Here Lies Lust.” It creates a vivid imagery in the mind of the reader and reveals greater truths about the subject matter of the poems.
The poems cover various subjects including; love (Love in Designer Threads, I Want to Love You, Love in Vine and Wine) unrequited love (Cold Steel: “Get a life babe,” he whispered, “I have no time for love”)  lust (Here Lies Lust, Jack and Jill and Dear Fred), secrets (Zara’s secrets) growing old (Old Number) and staying young (Forever Living: Who wants to live forever and a day, Nature would groan if all avoided this fate) and everyday issues like Sleepless Nights, Snoring is the Devil’s Chorus and Monday Madness.

Random musings about Loafday, which the author hopes will one day be a word in the dictionary (On Saturdays, I laze away…) and about (Mc) Hunger (And bulging bloodshot eyes match my bank balance).

In Was Born in Sin, the author explores the Christian faith and reveals an inquisitive mind not afraid to question the status quo. I loved reading every last line of the stanzas which was written in pidgin English.

Mind Mirage is about inane lines. My verdict…absolutely bonkers!
Special Characters which is about grammatical punctuations reveals the author’s vivid imagination and creativity.

No Kidding reads like the lyrics of a rap song. It’s one of my favourite poems. Holla!

The poems are full of unforgettable lines such as “Like death of a wanted infant before its Christening” in Crackles of Soulful Melody and “Dance this day like the groom is not a dick” in Bless This Day, a poem about the days of the week.

Nothing is off limits with the author, in Gray Valentine Shades which is a sad poem about relationships, there is a stanza about sadomasochism (hello, Fifty Shades of Grey). The sadness of Gray Valentine Shades is balanced by the joy in Bright Valentine Shades a few poems later.

My favourite poem is Halleluyah, which the author states could be sung to the tune of Halleluyah by Leonard Cohen. Its stanzas cover relationships, the state of Nigeria’s economy and its last elections and even Zebra crossings. I sung the poem, of course.

I would recommend Musings of a Tangled Tongue. It is a wonderful collection of poems which includes traditional poems as well as a contemporary take on poetry. For lovers of poetry, it is a treat and for those who don’t ordinarily read books of poems, it is a gentle introduction into reading poems once again.

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