#SocialLeague: Story Eleven

16 Feb


Niyi is quite surprised at the information he gets from the email header.  He had thought it would be pretty straightforward. Find the IP address from where the mail was sent and with that the location from which it was sent.  Then he would be able to pin it to Nasir.  But what he is seeing is that someone has gone to great lengths to ensure that both pieces of information will not be found.  At first,  the IP address took him to a remote District in Ghana,  then to Belarus and now he has ended up in the Philippines. He is quite sure that he will be redirected from the Philippines to another location in God knows where.  He has no doubt in his mind that either Nasir was hacked or he has taken a lot of precautions to ensure that he is never found out.  Niyi smiles.  What whoever is playing these games did not factor in is how determined he is to get to the bottom of this matter.  If push comes to shove,  he will write a programme that will reverse engineer the process. Whatever it takes,  he is going to get to the bottom of this.


When it rains it pours. Those words play in Akata’s mind as she reads through her TL. Zainab’s tweet has dragged her into the middle of the Nasir controversy.  Her techie has just called to tell her he is tired and will allow the blog stay down for a while. She has been on the phone almost nonstop to her clients and advertisers who wanted to know why Akata Blog has been down and then to cap it all, someone is launching Twiga Games a full week before they are supposed to launch TTM, short for Twitter Tele Match. What is more, Twiga Games is a replica of TTM. There is nothing she or her crew will say that will make anyone believe they have been working on TTM for close to three months.  They will look like the copy cat. Akata let’s out a huge sigh.  She has no way of telling who is behind the @TwigaGames handle. All she can gather from her TL is that it is very popular among the overlord minions section of Twitter.  She will have to call the attention of the crew to find out if they have heard anything.  But all she really feels like doing is calling everything quits.  It seems to her that  someone is targeting her.  Someone wants to run her out of business and she is chuffed that she has no idea who the person is.  All she has is Nasir. Nasir must be fronting for someone.  She has no idea whether the person is in the Presidency or elsewhere.  But perhaps it is time she put her journalistic prowess to work.  She will no longer wait for them to bring the war to her,  she is taking the fight to them.


Victor had not paid attention to how powerful Senator Jimmy was growing before now and that is because the Senator is in the ruling party.  Such people ordinarily did not constitute persons of interest but these are no ordinary times. If The Maestro had picked him out,  it simply means that he will turn out to be clog in his presidential ambition wheel.  The Senator is in his early 50s and has an Obamaesque look about him. He looks like someone who will fit right into the Presidential seat. Their mandate is to rubbish him and his so called intellectualism.  Victor decides he will pick on him first.  He has read about a scandal involving his first wife. He feels  a twitch of conscience going so low but The Maestro has taught them that there is no low in politics,  nothing is off limits. Tonight,  he will ask him about why his wife left him. And heaven help whoever is handling his account if he begins to respond. Victor knows he will keep bugging the account until he gets a response.  It’s actually a case of damned if you do,  damned if you don’t.  He should order a drink.  This is going to be an interesting wait.


Nasir finally turns in for the night.  He wishes the President goodnight and begins to head home.  It had been a bitter sweet day for him. When he had seen that email his heart had literally skipped a beat. He knows nothing about the email and he is glad that the President does not have the time to check social media.  He would have been done for. Even then, he is still very interested in knowing how someone hacked into his account to send that mail.  Hopefully,  Niyi will find out.  He can count on that.  He tries not to think that perhaps The Maestro has something to do with this.  He knows he should never have got involved with the Maestro to start with. His loyalty belonged to the President and he had told The Maestro as much. As long as he works with the President,  he will not only defend him but ensure that whatever plot they were working on with the Vice President does not work. But he is just one man and The Maestro  had something on him so he can’t go to the President…yet. He needs to find out who hacked into his email and maybe then he will have something concrete to go to the President with. For now,  he can only wait and hope that there will be some delays in their setting their plans in motion.


The President completes his toilette and gets into bed. His wife is already in bed but she isn’t asleep yet. He wonders why but is not in the mood to ask her. He needs to sort out how tomorrow will go in his head. He will have to confront the Vice President.

The President can see the First Lady is scrolling through her phone. Whatever is holding her interest at this time of the night?
“Tough day?” She asks without looking away from her phone.
“Everyday is tough.”
She drops her phone and looks at him. He had hoped she would not detect the sadness in his voice.
“What is wrong?”
“With Nigeria?”
Perhaps his attempt at a joke will throw her. It doesn’t.
“You know there is something bothering you and it goes beyond the normal day to day running of your office…Is it the Nasir issue?”
“Nasir issue?”
The President is alarmed. Maria had said she was unsure if Nasir was part of the conspiracy.
“Some people on social media think he has not been using his office properly.  They even called for his sack.”
“He has been threatening some bloggers. I was even going to ask you what that is about.”
“Do you have the story?”
“I can find it, ” she answers. ” You mean you don’t know anything about this?”
The President sits up as she hands him her tab.  He scans through the story without a word. Then he gets out of bed. “Where are you going?” The First Lady asks.
“I need to make a call.”
The President walks into the toilet. He feels behind the tank of the WC until he finds what he is looking for. He turns on the phone. It is fully charged. He sends a number.


Maria unlocks the door and walks into the expansive living room. The painting on the opposite wall,  the first thing she always sees once she walks into the room reminds her of where she is coming from.  She makes it straight into the bedroom and kicks off her shoes.  She should have a bath and then go to sleep. Tomorrow will be one of those days. She has to be on standby just in case the President needs her.  She knows he will need her.  She begins to undress as she heads towards the bathroom. She has to do something about her singleness.  It would be great to come home to some love sometimes although she knows that she likes her independence too much.  The arrangement she has now works for her – younger guy,  only shows up when she wants him to. Her mother would cringe if she ever found out.

She steps out of the bathroom wrapped in her towel.  She pulls out the oversize t-shirt from her wardrobe and gets into it. She yawns, tired. All she needs to do now is to respond to some mails,  set her alarm and go to bed.

Maria’s phone begins to ring. Maria looks at the caller ID and furrows her eyebrow. This number is supposed to be inactive. She picks the call and listens. The President’s instructions were clear.  The call ends and she gets up and begins to get dressed.  Her day has obviously begun.


(Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.)

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