#SocialLeague: Story Three

02 Feb


Her blog is down again. This is the third time this week and each time has just before a major news story is about to go up.  She longs for the good old days when she just blogged for pleasure.  These days she just wasn’t sure which drives her: love for the art of news reportage or just trying to prove she can do it in a male dominated world.  She had been so close to closing shop and selling the blog so many times  but always changed her mind at the last minute. The last time it had been Zainab that stopped her and Zainab had been working to ensure that the stories go up every single day.  And now,  it is Zainab that has just sent her a DM  that the site is down again. The tech guy says he will ensure it is up in the morning in time for their big story.

She wonders if she should call Victor.  After their last altercation,  she had promised herself she would have nothing to do with him.  He had wanted her to join the Social League and present a single front to the government. She prefers acting as the lone wolf she has always been.  Her blog has earned the reputation of being objective and she knows how many government “contracts” she has turned down in a bid to remain nonpartisan. But these constant attacks were worrying especially after Zainab’s hint that they could be sponsored. Zainab is of the opinion that Victor and the other Social Leaguers were behind the attacks. She did not trust them,  especially the techie that lives in London. They have had so many disagreements and had ended up mutually blocking themselves. Perhaps if she gives in  and joins their league these attacks would stop.  This new government is enjoying a tremendous amount of goodwill and you never really rise to the top by making enemies. But going back to Victor will be accepting defeat. She would rather die. She didn’t  leave her prestigious job at a bank to come and accept defeat from little boys on Twitter.

Her parents have always been comfortable. She can’t remember being in need of anything growing up.  She had chosen to study Mass Communications and ended up doing her master’s abroad.  Her mum,  especially had expected she would settle down and marry afterwards but she had chosen to work instead.  She had eventually majored in Public Relations and had worked at the marketing section of the bank.  Social media was new in Nigeria back then and she had been happy to become one of the bank’s pioneer Content Marketers. 

When she first joined Twitter,  it was a platform used mainly by middle class kids who either stayed or studied abroad.  These days,  Twitter was more democratic with people of all works of life represented. Brands and politicians are taking over and everything is getting monetized. She had been running a blog since she turned 16. Her easy to read commentaries on happenings in Nigeria was an instant hit among Nigerians who wanted to hear the news but didn’t have the patience to actually follow all the big stories.  By the time she was 20, she had a following of about 10k. Someone had told her about adsense and she had started making money off her blog,  it was easy to turn her hobby into a news blog.  Now she had a following of about 20k and all she had to do was editorialize…until Zainab showed up.

She is 25, still single (much to her mother’s displeasure) and one of the biggest names in online news blogging.  She was here before politicians discovered social media and the things they are turning it into is making her sick. But as Zainab would always say to her,  “You’d have to hold your nose and dine with the smellies”. She wasn’t sure she could keep up with the pretense much longer. Especially, with the actions of her fellow youths who were pandering to these enemies of society just for a few coins. Her big story is on one of these “yoots” who has been eating from both sides of his mouth-*a close comrade of the Social League and friend to a few political bigwigs.  She knows putting up this story will likely make them everlasting enemies but Zainab had made the exposé and she had no choice but to put it up.  If she was going to be the only voice of reason for her generation then so be it.

She picks her ipad and checks her blog.  It was still down.  She had been hoping for a miracle.  She navigates to Twitter and the first tweet she sees on her Timeline is Victor’s.  How can he be tweeting about Ekiti on a day that Boko Haram attacked five villages in the North East simultaneously and left several dead and wounded?  She is glad she hadn’t given in to weakness and called him. She shuts her eyes as she remembers the kiss they had shared during the last Social Media Week event. That was before their fight…when she still thought he had potential. She mentally berates herself for being such a poor judge of character. In fact,  she  should write an editorial on the “Dearth and Death of Humanity” just to show Victor she is never going to be one of them. He would recognize it as his sub.  She didn’t really care if he did.

She pulls out her laptop and begins to type furiously.  She is a woman of passions and her best pieces are written when she is angry…which has been quite frequent in the last couple of days. She stops as she realises that it has been a while she saw any negative news about the Federal Government anywhere …except of course if like the opposition one had to go out of ones way to turn a news item negative. Someone seemed to be actively gatekeeping.

She hears the beep, an email notification and abandons her laptop for a few seconds. She sees the mail is from Zainab and quickly opens it. Her jaw drops as she reads its content.

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