Who am I?

17 Jan


Who am I? 
I ask each day as I
Rise and hear the morning cry
And I 
Get ready to start the day

Who am I 
The question returns as I 
Lay in bed hearing the muezzin cry
And I 
Get set to end the day

Who am I 
The question recurring 
In my head
As I tread
The path many like me have trod
Trying not to be so slipshod

Who am I 
The search continues 
Each day
Every day
Looking in corners and crannies 
Hoping to find in each crevice

Who am I 
Maybe if I stop probbing
Perhaps if I stop prodding
And look in the mirror 
Then maybe I’ll find
The me I should be

I’m lost 
In this great universal space
Trying to run my own race
Trying not to end up in disgrace
Hoping on me God will shine his grace
Believing I can seek his face

I’m lost
Sinking deeper into earth’s crust
Trying not to return to dust
Trying to be that which I must 
Hoping that the God of the just
Can see I never exchanged love for lust

And then just when I thought
I have looked everywhere I ought
A new door is opened to me
And what do I see, free? 
Set free by the undeserved kindness of our Lord and the Father of our Lord,  Jesus Christ.
And I ask who am I no more
Cos  I.  Found.  Me.

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