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#SectorIV now on #Amazon


As promised, I bring you latest updates on my new book #SectorIV.  #SectorIV is a love story that is set during the Nigerian civil war.  It is a story of love and loss.  Of  decisions we make and how we must live with the consequences of that decision. It is also the story of courage and the triumph of courage.  If you have missed previous updates find a preview of #SectorIV here

You can read the reviews of the book here here and here

If you like what you have read then you may want to buy digital copies on Amazon now:
#SectorIV on Amazon UK

#SectorIV on Amazon US

For people in Nigeria and who would prefer physical copies,  #SectorIV is available in  five cities for pick up:
Lagos tweet @Batarhe @moverick @IvyOrji or @fote1380

Abuja tweet @iphydivy or @Cherechy

Enugu tweet @xbyna

Ibadan/Ogbomosho tweet @niyiabiri

Port Harcourt tweet @HL_Blue

I will update as it becomes available in more cities. Also watch this space for details of book presentation and readings across Nigeria.

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Joyce Odukoya: #SectorIV Review


SectorIV is a treat for lovers of fictional historical romance. It takes place during the Biafran war in a village called Nchara in present day South East Nigeria. The book explores various themes which resonate with the reader including love and sacrifice, loveless marriages, childlessness, self-preservation and vanity as downfall.

SectorIV adopts a unique style as it is written in present tense. This brings the book alive and keeps the reader actively engaged with the story.  I particularly liked the names of the four parts of the book (Revelation, Exodus, Chronicles and Genesis) which I thought captured the content of each part very well.

The characters in the book speak to you and are relatable and the writer ensures that the characters have a story within the story.

The best thing about SectorIV is its unpredictability. The writer makes it quite difficult to second guess what happens in the book and captivates the reader. My favourite scene is the sex scene between Onyinyechi and Duke which is very unusually but beautifully written.

The author set out to write a love story which takes place during the Biafran war and I think she succeeds. The ongoing war does not detract from the main idea of a love story and the relationship between the choices one makes and the consequences of those choices.

The only dip in the otherwise engaging plot is the beginning of the fourth part, though that is only because of how intriguing the rest of the book is.

SectorIV is a romantic tragedy which is set around the Biafran war, inevitably there is suffering, death and destruction but what I found really tragic was that the story ended without Onyinyechi really knowing…really knowing what? Well, you would have to read the book to find out.

As I read the final paragraph of what was a brilliantly written novel, my main thoughts were captured by this quote: “Vanity can easily overtake wisdom. It usually overtakes common sense.”

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Wrote this in a whim while browsing through a Facebook page where poets share their craft.


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