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#SectorIV: And it’s finally here!


I got a copy of #SectorIV today and it felt great! I loved the look and feel of the book. Wished it could be better as per OCD but grateful it wasn’t worse.

It was a long wait and I’m grateful to everyone who pre-ordered.  I can confidently say you all will get your copies on or before Friday of this week.

What more can I say?  Buy my book! LOL. For those who prefer e-copies, it will be available in a week and I will share a link.  I will update this post soon with links of where you can order copies as well.

Once again, thank you 🙂

For Twitter users in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Ibadan. Here is how you can get copies of #SectorIV

Abuja contact @Cherechy. Pick up point is Utako.

Port Harcourt contact @HL_Blue

Lagos, Lekki Zone contact @Batarhe

Ibadan, contact @niyiabiri. Various pick up points in the state

I will provide further updates for other zones as the days go by.


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My Story, My Testimony

This my story
My testimony

I met this guy on social media
His dived into my DM saying ‘can I meet ya’.
I read through his feed, like I’m reading Wikipedia
Just to be sure he’s not a boy named Lydia

I tarried to respond cos I was so unsure
Too many DM leaks left me feeling insecure
He sent another DM like he was messaging dejure
One came after another and soon there were four

The last two left my heart beating so fast
“I know who you are and I don’t care about your past”.
“Been there done that but I want you to be my last.”
I’ve seen lots of DMs but these left me aghast.

That was how it started about one year ago
I’d finally responded, he and I got in a tango
Today I sit watching him play the banjo
Singing a line saying ‘you’re sweeter than Jlo”

Glad I responded
Glad I ne’er pretended
Glad my heart is mended
Glad he was well intended

Tomorrow we wed in church in a small ceremony
I thought to share my story
My very own testimony

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Once upon a Friend

Just like the flower from the tiny seed
Springs forth in its luxurious beauty
Splendid in its magnificence
Producing scents that rise and flow
And fill the air with pleasant bouquet
So it was when we met
And friendship was born
We were joined stamen to pistil
And birthed joys beyond compare
Laughter bubbled forth
Hearty laughter that flows from the heart and causes the mind to dwell in a place of peace, love, happiness.

And then the sun came and chased off the morning dew
The sun took its place in the Eastern sky majestic
Scorching in its Sahara-ness
Upon the delicateness of the freshly sprung bloom
Causing it to whittle and die
Just like our friendship now gone
The laughter now forlorn
We part, stamen from pistil
Consigning our friendship to what once was, what we once had, what should have been.


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