#SectorIV Preorder Link.

14 Jun

Hello again guys!

Yes, these are exciting times for me.

When I started writing #SectorIV two months ago,  it was like one of those projects I wasn’t sure I would finish. And here I am posting a link for the preorder. 🙂

Yes!  You can pre-order #SectorIV from now.  Please include a physical address with your order so we won’t have a hard time delivering.  All preorders will be autographed so be sure to use the name you will like to see in the book.

There’s also a little something coming from me with the first 100 orders.

Here is a link to preorder

If you have not read a preview to the story, here is a link to the Prologue

Look out for more updates and news of reviews!

N.B Preorder is restricted to Nigeria only. So if you are buying from outside Nigeria,  you have to provide a valid Nigerian address.

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