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A pot of stew nonetheless

Jacob sat
A plan well thought
The birthright he sought
A pot of stew he brought
Esau’s rights he thus bought
For a pot of stew nonetheless

In you is deposited a talent
Like Esau’s birthright a treasure
Jacobs on the prowl
Searching,  hoping it to possess
For a pot of stew nonetheless

Listen,  Jacob at the door
The  knocking on the door persistent
‘All I want is your treasure,
I will pay in full measure,
With a pot of stew nonetheless’.

So what is your currency?
Will a couple of retweets do the trick?
Will you succumb  to my threats if I choose to take away your bread?
Will you go for it if I place a few gold coins in your hands?
Come sit at the table with me,  let’s decide: What will your pot of pottage be?

And so we are tossed this way and that By the political Jacobs of our time
Offered perks in exchange for our consciences
Perks in exchange for our alliances
Forward today,  Marching tomorrow
Our principles thrown out the window
For a pot of stew nonetheless.

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