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Life Goes On

This morning  I saw a tweet criticising the President for wanting to go ahead to pick up the PDP nomination form and wanting to declare for presidency despite the fact that for over six months now, the girls who were abducted from Girls Secondary School Chibok are still missing.

I understood the sentiments behind that tweet. it is important to keep the missing girls in public conciousness, at least in our own little ways, lest they be reduced to a minor item in the news. Like the missing flight MH 370.

Remember the missing Malaysian flight which disappeared since March 7th 2014 carrying 239 passengers from 15 different countries? You may have been one of those who missed the mention of the flight in the news a day ago. An aviation expert reiterating that if the authorities had acted within 2/3 minutes of the airplanes disappearance, the plane would have been found. Also, the International Business Times reports that representatives of the family, under the auspices of Voice370 want the “authorities to make a full release of all cargo carried on board MH370, stating clearly what was in the cargo hold”.

Bad things happen. That is a fact of life. Whether we like it or not, bad things continue to happen. Bad things happen and they happen to everyone. Often times, bad things happen to good people. People we care about, people we want to protect.

Everyday, we are bombarded with bad news. all you have to do is turn on the television, listen to the radio or read the news and the stories abound: women getting raped, children dying of preventable disease, people getting kidnapped. The stories are so rampant that @DoubleEph dedicates an entire hashtag to such stories. He calls them #newsfromdepravitycentral.

Yet, life goes on.

No matter how much we want to sit around and lament and moan over bad things that happen to us and to people around us, life goes on. We want the earth to stop rotating on its axis. We want the sun to stand still and the moon to not leave its place but it doesnt. it proceeds on its orbital speed of about 30 km/s, the earth around the sun covering the earth’s diameter in about seven minutes, never stopping.

When I was in journalism school, one of my lecturers introduced me to the maxim, “the show must go on”. Those words are a reflection of life.  When we are hurt or in pain, we wish the world would grind to a halt while we mourn. I remember, how a friend told me about how angry it made her, after her marriage broke up to see other people with their husbands smiling and having fun. All she wanted was that the world be painted black and that everyone be as grief-stricken as she was.

But  life does not work that way:

A man loses his wife to death and six months later he has found solace in the arms of another woman – life goes on.

A woman has a miscarriage and three months later she is trying for another child – life goes on.

A person suffers a heartbreak and while they are still in pain they watch their ex living the life – life goes on.

No matter how insensitive we may think it sounds, the reality of the matter is that no matter what happens, as long as humankind continues to exist live goes on.

It is for this reason that I find somewhat selfish if not hypocritical tweets when people want others to stop living because something bad has happened. Does anyone really stop living unless they are dead?

Yes, we hope because when we have done all we humanly can to remedy a situation we only hope that our efforts pay off. But while we hope, we keep living because life goes on.

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Watch “Lesson 8:Weak Forms + Standard English” on YouTube

Learn how to say the weak forms of Conjunctions: from, for, at, and, but.

Learn when to use standard expressions: round up vs round off;,my names are vs ny name is; introducing self using titles

Lesson 8:Weak Forms + Standard English:


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Linda Ikeji and the Bounce Back Theory

My people have this phrase. They use it when you just have to say something. It doesn’t matter whether you mean what you are saying or not. You just say because you have to. It is much like the automatic response after a greeting. The “how are you?” you offer without even waiting to hear the response. The default action. The phrase is “ka anyi mepu onu Africa”.  When a person suffers some kind of loss, our “mepelonuafricanism” takes center stage as we offer consolation.

So it was that when a few days ago, Linda Ikeji’s Bog was pulled down, most people – including the Mr Ayedee who took steps that led to her blog being pulled down in the first place – came out to felicitate with her. One thing everyone kept saying is that knowing Ms Ikeji’s resilence, she will bounce back and become something bigger and better.

Most people hinge their belief on the fact that LIB has great followership. One source says she gets as much as 50,000 page hits a day. Those are definitely the type of statistics a blogger’s dreams are made of.  She acquired her followership, which is cult like, by taking advantage of a vacuum. She had and still has a native sense of the type of stories that appeal to Nigerians. In street speak: Gossip. And she served it in street speak. Reading her blog, one would imagine her seated on a bench at the market place clapping as she tells tales to her hypnotized audience. She has a nose for finding the right gossip.

And that’s where it ends.

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and he said something which I am going to repeat here. Linda should not be the CEO of her own company. She can be chairman but not the CEO. I agree with him. If she is going to return bigger and better, her ‘bouncebackability’ will be highly dependent on her employing someone else to make business decisions for her- certainly not her family members.

All through this saga, she has demonstrated that her mind does not work like that of a CEO: From waiting to the last minute to try to acquire a domain name when she had the threat of a take down from Google hanging around her neck, to the not well thought out my-side-of-the-story blogpost(s) she has been putting up.  All I can see clearly from all this is either that she has lacked necessary legal and personal counsel or she is rude to the point of silliness and lacks redemption. I am inclined to vote for the former.

How will hiring a CEO help her?

For starters it will give her some structure. If she finds the right CEO, they will hire the right hands who will within the shortest possible time turn out the same stories she er…takes…rewritten following their ‘house style’ which she and her team will fashion out (that’s her forte anyway)  and still present to her readers.

Secondly, her CEO (I would vote she hires someone with legal experience) will ensure best practices. It is quite obvious that her ego may never let her build a relationship with the sources (websites, agents, individuals) of her stories. She needs a new ‘face’ that will reach out to these people and form a relationship with them.

Thirdly, hiring a CEO will help with her rebranding. It is very important that she cleans up her blog and presents a new front that says: this is what we used to be and now this is who we are.  As it is, she has come to stand for, I’m sorry but there is no good way to say this, the face of a content thief. She needs to make herself scarce for a while so we can see a new face and perhaps forget her for a bit.

In all this let us not forget that the crowd following her is not enough to make her rich. She needs brands to support her. Of course brands go where the people go but nobody is too big to be dropped by a brand when they become enmeshed in too much controversy. Remember Tiger woods?

As it is now, brands associated with her must be having a rethink. She has to demonstrate that going forward something like this will not happen again. This is yet another reason why she needs to keep herself out of the news for a bit. The more we talk about this issue, the more her name comes up under searches for copyright infringement, plagiarism and content theft. She needs to step back.

Do I think she will bounce back and become bigger? I do not know. It all depends on what she chooses to do from this point. Remember, My Ayedee may have started this but it does not end with him. Plus moving forward, people will be on the look out to ensure that she does not keep taking content with the impunity that says asking permission before taking someone’s intellectual property is “laughable”.

She really must stop playing the victims card and sort out her house. In the words of the legendary Bob Marley, “You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time”. She may have succeeded in fooling some people into believing that by casting aspersions on the person of Mr Ayedee she will divert attention from the real issues, but she can’t fool everyone into accepting this is all about the obsession of someone who wants to bring her down so she can notice him. No, this is about plagiarism, content theft and copyright infringement. Like a friend said “eyes on the ball people”.


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How I Feel About The LIB/IP Debate

I read this blog post and I have never felt prouder of another person in a bit. Tokunbo put into words all the feelings I have felt over the past couple of days, especially the anger and disappointment. I am very proud of him 🙂

nostalgic words of future me

I’m Happy.

Because Linda Ikeji’s blog was finally taken down. I’m ecstatic, in fact, and here’s why…

I’m a writer. An actor. An artist. A photographer. I know the value of my creativity, I gain my daily bread from it. Sometimes, I offer my art for free, not because I consider it worthless, but because I choose to gift it. If someone took my freely given or paid for art and used it to their own gain in any way whatsoever, they are stealing from me.

I may not be able to identify my work that anyone may have stolen (and that’s only because I haven’t bothered to check), but I have more than a few friends who have been affected directly by plagiarism from online platforms and I stand solidly beside them every chance I get. I still remember @StNaija making a big big fuss when Ynaija took a…

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Watch “Lesson 6:How to say Function words (Prepositions)” on YouTube

Lesson 6:How to say Function words (Prepositions):

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