#CommOnTheGo on Youtube

11 Sep

As you may have already realised Marshall McLuhan really saw it coming when he prophesied in the 60s that the communication technology will make the world a global village.

The globalness of the world makes it inevitable that we must have a language of international communication. English has become it language.

It is therefore imperative, that individuals, especially those who don’t speak English as their first language, learn to communicate in clear understandable English. If we are to key into McLuhan’s theories it will not do to speak English that will need be transcribed to the international community.

It is for this reason that CommOnTheGo YouTube version will be focusing on helping individuals learn to speak international standard English one lesson at a time. You can subscribe to the YouTube page here and begin to enjoy the lessons right away by following this link We are starting by learning to greet correctly in English. The page will be updated every Wednesday. I shall be posting the links here in a new section Education videos.

Don’t forget to follow the hashtag #CommOnTheGo Saturday mornings on Twitter to take lessons on how to improve your written English.

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