Let Me Retell My Story

01 Jan

Give me time to retell my story
Hold on, please, do not leave in a hurry
Don’t fret, no need to worry
This tale is sure to end in glory

I tell the future in present tense
I’ll tell it quick lest I lose this audience
This tale will prove my competence
I can’t tell this story with indifference

This is the story of how in one day
All sorrow and pain that came my way
Is forgotten like the fart of yesterday
Joy, made fuller, is here to stay

I am the one they now call Blessed
Who overcame the plots of the wicked
By power of The One who man created
Who with evil won’t us be tempted

See the smile etched in my face
See how I ended not in disgrace
See how I have taken pride of place
See, I have received uncommon grace

Will you have this be your story too?
Retell your story through and through?
Go ahead, just take this as a cue
And make your story all brand new

Now let us make perfect our story
Wait, don’t leave in such a hurry
Do not dismiss this as another theory
Say it loud, ‘my story ends in glory’.


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