Another SideChick’s Tale II, Episode 6

02 Dec

Chelsea remembered one time, last year when Akin had called to tell her he lost his job. He had sounded so horrible and suicidal on the phone. All her instincts told her to get on the next plane and head back to Nigeria.

She and Gabriel had been thinking of a quiet wedding. Before Akin made that call she could have sworn that she no longer felt anything for him. Three months of a whirlwind romance and she was ready to jump the broom with Gabriel. Akin had told her he would support her decision if that would make her happy. She was sure it would. But after getting that call…

She and Gabriel broke up. It was a very hard time for her but in that one week, she saw sides of Gabriel she never knew existed, and she hated them. She came to understand that her feelings for Gabriel were based on an ideal that never really existed.

Chelsea came back to Nigeria. Akin had not lost his job. He had just pulled an April Fool stunt on her and she had fallen for it…and fallen right back into his arms.

Her nipples stiffened as she remembered that day.  Akin took her to a hotel, initially claiming the company had kicked him out the residence. As that evening wore on and Akin slowly revealed the plot she got angrier and angrier right up to when he told her why he pulled the stunt.

She went into the shower to calm herself. And Akin joined her. The toilet seat was surface enough for a make shift ‘cow girl’. As Akin held her waist with both hands, her breast bouncing close enough to his face for him to suck on one nipple and then another, the thrusts getting deeper and faster with each movement, thoughts of Gabriel all but vanished. This was home.

This was not April 1st.

‘Please believe me, I didn’t mean for this to happen’

‘When did this happen?’

Akin looked away from her face

‘Don’t look away from me Akin. Tell me how far gone she is?’

‘Eight months’

Chelsea could not believe her ears. That was just after they made up and she left to finish up her studies.

‘Did it start while I was with Gabriel?’

Perhaps somehow it would make sense. If Akin had been with this girl while they were on the temporary break. If she was with someone else and he was with this person, then it can be ticked off as indiscretion. It would be easier to handle.

But hadn’t Akin sworn that all through that time he had been faithful to their love? Hadn’t he sworn that he so believed in their love that he just knew the temporary insanity with Gabriel would pass? Had he just been lying to her and if he had how can she trust he is telling the truth now?

‘No. I met her about a month later. At the Moscow conference. We were both..

The Moscow conference. Chelsea remembered how Akin had complained about the cold. How many times had they skyped. How many times had she put up a show for him, running her hands freely over her naked body just the way he wanted it, fingering herself for him, watching him grow hard and then use soap and water to work himself to a climax. Yet, he still found time to…

Chelsea noticed he was still talking but she could not hear the words.

‘I think you should leave’

‘Chelsea, I…’

Chelsea got out of the bed unsteadily and headed for the door. She opened it and walked out into the living room. Akin was forced to follow her.

Chelsea made it all the way to the front door. Her legs feeling so weak and wobbly she wondered later how she managed it. She held the door open.

‘Good bye Akin’

Akin walked over to the door. He hesitated for a minute just by the door and looked straight into Chelsea’s eyes.

‘Never forget, you are the woman I love’.

Chelsea shut the door after him. And then her legs gave way as the sobs racked through her body.

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