Another Sidechick’s Tale II Episode 1

13 Oct

I thought it would be a good idea to return with the next generation tale. You can find the first 13 episodes of Another Sidechick’s Tale here I hope you enjoy this season too 🙂


She stared fixedly at the sheet of paper. It was crumpled at the sides even though she had tried to keep it neat. She wouldn’t want him feeling that she wasn’t neat. Didn’t her mum always emphasize to her the importance of first impressions?

She didn’t want to think of her mother. Thoughts of her only brought tears to her eyes. Those last days she really wished she was close enough to make a little easier for her. But, it was really her mother’s doing. She didn’t even want to think of it as a fault. She would have given up the Masters Degree she now held just to be beside her mother when she passed.

She shook her head as if that would shake off the thoughts haunting her. She tried to steady her breath.

“Not now girl, not now”.

She needed her faculties intact. One thing she knew, if her mother was here she would not have stopped her from taking the action she was about to take. Maybe she would even have approved of it.

She took another look at the sheet of paper. It had turned brown in parts. Finger stains from reading again and again. Judging from how many times she had read it, she should have memorized the words but it seemed each time she read it, she saw something new.

“If you ever need anything, let me know”

Her needs kept changing as each year passed by. First, she needed money to complete her secondary education. Her mum had just discovered she had problems with her kidney and may need dialysis. That was the first time she read the note. The name and number meant little to her then. All her mother had told was that the writer was a very important man. She wanted to call him then but her mother had insisted she could only use the number to solve her own problems. She said she would be fine and asked her to concentrate on her studies. She did as her mother said. And somehow, as usual, money came.

Then that time in London when Gabriel left her and she felt so alone on the world. She read the note again and again until most of the writing became botched.  Did this qualify? How could she call up a total stranger and talk to him about her broken heart? She needed a friend.

And then after her mother called about a month ago, she just wanted to tear the paper to tiny bits and throw it into the fire. How could her mother have lied to her about something so huge.

She arrived at the gate. There was a lot of protocol. She wondered if the Senator always had so much security. She was frisked by a female guard and then ushered down a hall into a spacious room, it looked like a study. There was a huge piano at the center of the room and there he sat, simply dressed in a polo and jeans. Nothing like the photos that adorned the walls. He wasn’t even playing the piano. Did he know about her love for music?

She spent a few moments looking at the woman he was with in most of the photos. The woman was always smiling…yet, there was something about her smile that seemed to warn you to stay away. Something that warned you that she could bite.

He smiled at her

“I’m happy  you could come”

He took a few tentative steps towards her. She unwillingly took a step forward as he reached her.

They hugged but there was no love shared.

She brought out the crumpled sheet.

“You said if I ever needed anything”

“Of course”

He motioned her to a seat but she kept standing. He straightened out and watched her, unable to sit since she stood…maybe.

“Was it not enough that you made her a sidechick? Why did you also have to pretend you were dead?”


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3 responses to “Another Sidechick’s Tale II Episode 1

  1. famuyideolawale

    October 13, 2013 at 10:53 am

    And here we go again… belt(check)


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