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A Prayer

I wish I could never hurt a friend
That I was like a saint
With no taint
That I can do no wrong
Like an angelic throng
I wish I could never hurt a friend

Here I am in the state imperfect
Full of things vile like a dirt pile
Heart battling with guile
Unworthy of you
Unable to be true
Here I am in the state imperfect

Would you still accept me?
Will you still condone me?
My transgressions?
Would you shut your eyes?
Will you hold out your hands?
And say friends again?
Would you still accept me?

“Come now, let us reason together,”
Says the Lord. “Though your sins
Are like scarlet, they shall be as
White as snow; though they are red
As crimson, they shall be as wool”
– Isaiah 1:18 KJ21


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Embarassing Moments

So in the spirit of sharing defining moments, I felt I should share some (and by some I mean one or two or three) embarassing moments that I have learnt from. Promise not to laugh. Like really cross your heart and yaddy yaddy yak yak :/

Caveat: I am ready to bathe naked to prove that none of these things happened to me.

So, I met this rather nice guy and you know how it is. I was beginning to think hanging out with him on a permanent basis would be cool. Well, we agreed to meet again and I must say I was excited.

The date came and I took time getting ready. I wore this cream coloured gown I really liked. And I waited for him to show up. As far as I was concerned, nothing was going to go wrong. He arrived on time to pick me and he had this very nice car with leather seats that matched my dress. He asked if I’d like to eat out and we were supposed to just hang out.

I was enjoying the music and the conversation so maybe that was why I missed the vital signs. At a point I felt like mild pain in my abdomen and I just shook it off there was no reason to cause alarm.

We arrived at the restaurant and he was like the perfect gentleman. He asked me to hold on while he comes round to open the door for me. So, I sat smiling stupidly to myself. I mean, he was not only intelligent, he was also a gentleman.

He held the door open and I stood. I still cannot explain why I looked down at the car seat. The red mark sent my heart racing. He saw it same time I did and I had to check my dress. Strike that, he had to check my dress.

You know what it feels like when you say ‘somebody shoot me’ and at that moment you really mean it? Yeah that!

Long story short, the red robot had struck. He tried to be nice about everything. How could he help…I just wanted to die 😥 I just got back in the car and he drove me home and I never agreed to go out with him again.

Good thing that came out of the episode was that I took interest in knowing when the red robot would strike again. Until then my believe was that the only people who bothered about such things were people who were sexually active and were scared of getting pregnant.

Well, that’s it. My not so embarrassing moment. The other one I remember happened when I was very very young, below 10 I think…a very er…shitty experience. Join me tomorrow 😛

And he kept a fixed look and kept it set to the point of embarrassment. Then the man of the true God gave way to weeping. – 2 Kings 8:11 NWT


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That Woman Abigail

One of the bible stories I wanted my mum to read to me over and over was the story of Abigail.  You may have read Abigail’s story, but let me give you highlights of the story and how it affects me personally.

See, Abigail is described as a beautiful and sensible woman (two qualities I would really love to claim. LOL) but she was said to be married to a good for nothing man. Nabal’s stupidity was legendary. Even his servants knew it, there was no need trying to convince Nabal even when he was wrong. He just would not listen. You can just imagine the emotional and maybe even physical abuse that Abigail suffered in the hands of this man. Imagine waking up each day not knowing what new madness your husband would end up performing; wondering what mess you would have to clean up!

So how did this sensible woman end up married to a good-for-nothing drunken brute?

Remember, that back in the days of the Jews they often practised betrothal. Aside from that, parents often decided for their children who to marry and sometimes, their decisions were based on reasons that the children would probably not have approved of. Nabal was a very rich man, he owned 3,000 sheep and was said to have feasts fit for a king. So, here was the sensible Abigail trapped in a marriage to a rich stupid man. Interesting, the name Nabal means ‘stupid’.  Not even his riches could buy him brains. (reminds me of some people alive today *sigh)

So, it turns out that David, the anointed of God and his servants, had been performing a service for Nabal and his flock and at this time when it was customary to give and share, David sent and requested that Nabal return a favour. Nabal obviously owes David and his men as they have protected his flock from marauding bands and not one went missing. A man of honour wouldn’t have thought twice about giving food to David and his men. But Nabal was far from a man of honour. He was rude to David.

Of course, David got so angry that he decided to cut off from the household of Nabal every man urinating against the wall. this was not a wise move by David. Who comes to the rescue but the sensible Abigail. She loads up provisions and presents herself before David, pleading for the life of her family. David listens and disaster is averted.

Now imagine, Abigail could have seen David act of revenge as an opportunity for her to escape a bad marriage. After all, if David cuts off Nabal she would be free. But no, she did the sensible thing and protected even a man she ordinarily should not have.

Eventually, God solved the problem with Nabal. First he must be been struck by a stroke and ten days later he died. Abigail was free to remarry and she found respect and love in David himself!

These days, there are many women who have found themselves in bad marriages. Sometimes, it is because they misplaced priorities. Maybe they put marrying  a rich man ahead of a spiritual man. Or it could be that they ignored vital signs they should have noted. For some, it could be that their parents made the decision for them and there is nothing they could do about it. Whatever the case, bad marriages happen and some may never be able to walk away from one, all such women can be assured that God knows what they are going through and he will act on their behalf if they trust in him. Like God acted on behalf of Abigail, he will act on behalf of women who suffer oppression from Good-for-nothing-men.

I love the story of Abigail mainly because its a beautiful love story…well, if you really think of it. Maybe not a classic Cinderella story but a love story all the same (if you cant see it, get glasses *rme). I want to be more like Abigail everyday and that is why I have decided to take bible study seriously. Is there a bible character you would love to be like?


For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope. – Romans !5:4 NIV


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What I Learnt from Hannah.

One of the major highlights of my growing up was having my mum read to me stories from the bible. Mostly, she would read the stories and then we would talk about how to make practical application of the stories. She used the book,”My Book Of Bible Stories” published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society mostly. This was a great way to be introduced to Bible stories.

Today, I was reminded of one of the stories mama read to me and I saw deeper ways of applying the story in my life. I thought maybe it would be great to share 🙂

The story is recorded in 1st Samuel chapter 1 and 2. You may have heard the story of the barren woman whom God later blessed not just with the one popular child we have come to know but with 5 more. What is it about the woman’s story that touched me? Let me share.

You see unlike in Sarah’s case, Hannah was not the only wife of her husband.  Elkanah had two wives and Peninnah, the other wife bore him sons and daughters. And Hannah and Peninnah were not even cool. Peninnah is described as the rival wife who vexed Hannah sorely so as to make her disconcerted.

I can just imagine how Hannah would have borne Peninah’s taunts. Perhaps, Hannah would not even have dared to ask any of her children to help her with errands. I can hear Peninnah address Hannah in a mocking tone, seizing every opportunity to remind her that their husband married a man!

What is more, each time the family travelled for worship, Peninnah and her children got portions but  Hannah only got one portion 😦  The one place she should find sucor…and yet Hannah went. Every year she went without let up.  Every year Peninah would vex her and she would weep and not eat. Not even the comfort of her loving husband, who probably had no idea what Peninnah was putting his beloved wife through, was enough for Hannah.

Hannah showed signs of depression. She must have been very sad for Elkanah to ask her, “Am I not better to you than ten sons”.  Perhaps just to make her husband happy, Hannah ate on this trip to Shiloh, but she was still bitter of soul.

In her bitterness she prayed to God. You could not hear her words but her lips were quivering. Who else would notice her but the high priest Eli. Without even asking, he accused her of being drunk.

Just imagine! From Peninnah’s wahala to Eli’s. Can a woman not even have peace? In today’s world Hannah would probably have tweeted: look at this one that calls himself Man of God accusing me of being drunk. Maybe he is the one that bought the drink for me. She would surely have felt justified to launch into a numbered rant or even create a blog post. But no, not this superb woman. I shall leave you to read her mild response to Eli at 1st Samuel 1:15,16.

The result? Eli blessed her and after returning home. She and Elkanah tried again and God remembered her.

Hannah had every reason to allow herself remain in a state of depression. She had reason to say “no more Shiloh”. If going to God’s house was just going to be a reminder of her pain, why should she bother? But Hannah was focused.

I have lost my way so many times. I have said, why return? Why have people give me strange looks? Why create opportunities for people to ask ‘silly’ questions like Eli did? But, Hannah’s story has touched me. Has it touched you too? I have no reason to allow anyone or anything to separate me from my worship to God. And I have even more faith to petition God even in tears to meet me at my point of need. He listens and He hears.

Maybe I should share another Bible story tomorrow. What do you think?

There is no one Holy like Jehovah, for there is no one but you; and there is no rock like our God – 1st Samuel 2:2 NWT


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Weird Me

So I thought maybe today I should just share some things about me that I think are weird. On a scale of one to weird some people consider me super weird, but I think I’m just weird :p Alright, let’s go.

The weirdest thing about me is that I cannot tell my left from my right…literally. I was again reminded of this fact just this week when I told a class that words ending “ion” have their primary stress on the second syllable from the right. They stared at me in cofusion as I underlined. Turns out I meant left. *Sigh. I try to differentiate by pretend eating in my head. Even then…yeah, weird.

The second weirdest thing I can think of is that my hair has never grown up to 6 inches all my life. I’ve tried everything including feeding it weed. No way! I’ve totally given up and just let the hair do it’s own thing. When Indie Arie sang “I am not my hair”, I can very well relate. LOL. Thank God for weaves!

Another thing I consider weird is the fact that all my joints are darker than the rest of my body. My knuckles, my knees, my elbows… looks like I tried bleaching my skin and then stopped 😦 l remember when I was much younger I tried scraping my knee with a knife and ended up hurting myself. I have since accepted I can’t change this but it still feels pretty weird.

I don’t subscribe to religious celebrations and I don’t celebrate birthdays, neither do I wish people a happy birthday. I have made enemies on Twitter because I didn’t wish certain people “happy birthday”. A friend once said to me that he doesn’t care whether I celebrate or not but why can’t I just make someone happy on their day? Weird right? That’s it on the list 😐

That’s enough weird for one night I think. Wonder what I’ll post tomorrow.

Join me if you can 🙂

There are some Jews whom you put in charge of the province of Babylon – Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego – who are disobeying Your Majesty’s orders. They do not worship your god or bow down to the statue you set up. –  Daniel 3:12 GNT


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Remembering Mama

I lost my mum about a decade ago.

I don’t like thinking about the last days of her life. I would rather remember Mama from the early days.

I have noticed that since I started this challenge I have often made reference to my dad, maybe that’s my brain’s way of shutting down memories of her last days. But today, I shall talk about Mama and I promise not to cry.

My earliest memories are of a very active woman. She was weight concious and so she was constantly working on how to remain fit. She used to love playing table tennis and would always beat anyone that came against her. First time I heard words like ‘deuce’ and ‘cantap'(?) were from her. My mum was a sport…literally. There is no game she got exposed to that she couldn’t play and she always ended up a master at it. She could play monopoly ,whott ,draught, snakes and ladders, ludo….all you had to do was name it.

Mama was everyone’s first interaction with reading. She knew the importance of reading things for yourself. As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, she believed that reading played an important role in ones accepting the truths found in God’s word and she was determined to show each of her children this path. Yet, she never forced anyone to accept it. Read and decide for yourself she used to say.

Mama was not an educated woman in the academic sense but she was a brilliant woman. I remember a game she taught us as kids: everyone got a sheet of paper and created columns. Each column was labelled- names of people , places, animals, things, bible names, insects, birds and so on. Each player would choose a letter and every word in each column would begin with that letter! I must say that Mama planted in me the love for words. It was fun studying the atlas so that one could learn names of new places or reading the bible book of Chonicles to find names that others did not know. The rule of the game was that your score would be reduced by half if you wrote the same word with someone else 🙂

Mama was fiercely loyal and supportive of her husband. She was a great manager. She took up a job to support the family when she could. She also engaged in petty trading. At a time she had a small store where she sold stuff. She fried groundnut and supplied to people who sold in bottles. We would help her peel and bottle (I think that’s where my love for groundnut came from 😐 ) Mama was no complainant. She remained a pillar of strength for my dad through all the tough economic times. I never heard my mum quarrel with my father because he couldn’t afford to buy her a dress or jewelries. She was an understanding woman.

Mama was a very stubborn woman. Oh yes, she was. My dad used to complain about that a lot. She had a way of insisting that things happen a particular way. You could hardly get her to change her mind when she made a decision. Mama’s no was no.

Mama loved her children, but I think she had a special love for me. We were almost inseparable and I wasn’t even the last born. She liked me because I was a hard-worker. I never offered excuses when something needed to be done. I was always with her, helping out in the kitchen.

Sadly, Mama suffered a stroke and lost her vitality in her early 50s. She became a shadow of her former self and at some points she couldn’t even recognise us any-more. Okay, I know I promised not to cry but I can’t do this. I have to stop here.

I look forward to seeing Mama again because the bible says: The hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out (John 5:28,29) . Mama believed in this scripture and I believe it too. She will return at a time when no resident shall say “I am sick” (Isaiah 33:24).


And the One seated on the throne said: “Look! I am making all things new.” Also, he says: “Write, because these words are faithful and true.- Rev 21:5 NWT


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My Twitter Experience 4

So I don’t any p-setting stories to share :p but I felt it would be a good idea to answer some of the most frequently asked questions I get on Twitter to end “My twitter Experience” 😀

Are you married?

I really don’t know why I keep getting this question.  One of my followers once said he could not believe I was married. Even after asking him to go check out my Facebook page. He came back saying I could have borrowed the kids  😐 Well, I have decided I won’t answer the question anymore. It’s like when people believe something, they would look for non-available evidence to prove it *sigh.

How old are you?

One of my followers on twitter once said he was placing my age at between 18 and 20 based on my tweets (I think he actually did that because he was planning to set P. Boy was he shocked to reality!) Someone else told me recently that she thought I was like in my mid-twenties(okay, I’m flattered). Anyways, truth is that I am two decades away from 18. (Alright all those small boys who are planning to set P, shift back  😛 )

Why are you always subbing people?

Erm…I don’t always sub people. LOL.  Okay, Sometimes I do. As a teacher I am very used to saying ‘Stop that’ and then catch like 5 students not paying attention. So sometimes I tweet things as they come to me. Mostly, I tweet day to day experiences which people claim as subtweets. Most times, it is not even directed at them. (World People) At other times, I just tweet about an issue in the news and anyone who holds an opposing view would just claim the tweet. Anyway, I try not to upset people, but hey! You can’t make everyone happy now, can you?

Why do you ‘k’ tweets?

It used to be a fun way of getting people upset 😐 Did I mention I sometimes can be sadistic? LOL. But lots of people got very uncomfortable with it and well, they complained so much that I stopped. So, I no longer K tweets :p

Why do you not followback?

See previous posts.

Why do you always play contrarian?

Well, I wouldn’t exactly say, I’m always contrarian. Just that I hardly favour popular opinion (okay, same of same). I am one of those who would see the crowd going left and decide to go right to know why they are going left. Especially for a place like Twitter where there is a lot of sycophancy, one needs to be very careful lest you fall into the trap of following the crowd for evil ends. I admit this is very confusing to people who expect you to support them just because you are “friends”.

Why are you always unfollowing people?

See 5 above.

So that’s it folks. Hope you enjoyed my four part journey through twitter with me. If you have any more questions that you feel I haven’t answered feel free to use the comments section. I will answer as truthfully as I possibly can :D. Do join me again tomorrow if you can. Let’s continue on this journey on 38

p.s  Famuyide Olawale surprised me the other day creating the header you see on my blog now. He is also responsible for my Twitter display photo as well my twitter header. I think they are lovely, don’t you?

p.p.s Sorry about the late post…I lost my device 😦 In fact, had to steal my sisters internet to put this up 😦 😦

After three days they found him in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. – Luke 2; 46 NIV


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