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I do not hate you
I’m just not sure what you feel is true
How can I tell if you really do?
When after I call, you say I love you

I do not hate you

I know you mad because I said Thank you
But how do I politely refuse these words you spew
How do words matter if feelings aren’t true?

I do not hate you

The last time I said it, she said it too
But she told her Ex and the next, the same thing too
I guess I shouldn’t have asked after I bought her a Daewoo

Shey you know, I do not hate you

I’m not just in the headspace for a feeling not new
How will you recover when I stop calling you Boo?
I would rather be free than scorn you too

 Adesanya ‘Breezi’ Oluwatosin.
he is @puffpuffmonster on Twitter.

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They Don’t Come in Duplicate

On that fateful morning, I found myself running towards cries and noise from a place I called home as a boy.
Bullying through every strong arm trying to pull me back from going into that inner room that harboured my imminent and worst fear.
All I wanted, was to see your face for at least the very last time even though I lived in denial that the day will come.

Looking back, through all the pains, the gnashing of teeth, the breaking of copper spoon as you were forcefully fed just to make it to the next day… the decaying of my infant fantasy.
I could never wish cancer upon my worst enemy if I had one, yet it took you from me.

Mama when you went away, you took with you the joy and smiles of my childhood.
Mama went you left, the cheerful boy that everybody loved went with you.
I sought replacement in every grown-up I came across as a boy that I was, alas you have left a vacuum only a near-god can fill.

Each and every day for the past two decades, I long for that angelic smile despite your hustle and hassle filled day, coming from your strained and stressed, yet beautiful face.
I lost every form of guidance a child could wish and hope for.

And how I managed to come this far, should be first among the top ten mysteries of the world.
Maybe truly you never left, maybe you really lived on, yet you were never there to pat my back when I achieve a fit.

Maybe you will be proud of me, and what I am on the verge of making of life, just maybe I can become the great man you said I will be.
That’s the least I can be because you made me believe.

Two decades ago seems like last yesterday when you found peace but left your three little birds to wallow in pity and need for sympathy.
Mama we have missed you, and being the last child hasn’t made it easier for me.

Truly no one should have to leave without a mother because they don’t come in duplicate.
I have found courage this day after a long time to write this, so those I care about will understand why I am the way I am and maybe will come to love me. That’s if they don’t already.

Adieu mama!

Written by Festus Kanayo Olisalekwu. He is @caves007 on Twitter

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My friend Efe has kept me off my blog for a while. He blogs here I’ve been busy reading him daily as he challenged himself to post something daily for 30 days. He is presently on the 18th day and since he hasn’t posted anything to day yet, I just decided to sneak in here and share this new feature on my blog which will début in 2 weeks…actually two weeks and two days. 


Anyway, Thirty-eight would explore 38 moments in my life – if I can manage to find that much – that made me laugh, cry, excited, moody, depressed or whatever other emotions I have felt over the years. I will also talk about the people that have made me me…you know, everyone. LOL (oh, 38 isn’t a random figure. LOL)

I am putting up this post because I do not want to chicken out on the writing. So maybe you’ll stop by sometime, read and comment? Yeah, that would be the best gift you could give me…(yes you care LOL)

If I can I’ll drop by and post a few random pieces before then.

Do you think I can do it?



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I Wish (2)

As I wake to each new day, it wakes with me
This love that I kept neatly stored away
In the deepest recesses of my heart
Hoping you don’t see it
Hoping you never hear it
In the way your name rolls off my tongue
Ebubechukwu, Ebubechukwu

Nine days, just nine days it would have been
If we were not plagued by this curse
If we didn’t have to count like the Almighty
And apply his rules
The very rules
Of the Isrealites wilderness trek
A day for a year, a day for a year

The mountains we have to climb to be one
The rivers we have to cross to be together
I fear the weight will be too much
Your heart would give up
Your poor heart of glass
If I placed this weight on, it would break
Crash to smitherings, tiny smitherings

You said the years don’t mean a thing
That what you feel is so deep it would cover
It would cover all my faults forever
Too good to be true
Just too good it can’t be true
If I believed you and took this jump
I would fall, I would fall badly

And so I lie here typing this as fast as I can
Hoping I don’t have to give it a read over
So I don’t feed the lump in my throat
Threatening to grow
Forcing me to rethink
Cos I hope that when this gets to you
You’ll see the truth it speaks, it tricks

“I am sorry but I cannot love you,
My heart has been sold to another before you.
He calls me wife and I return the favour.
So even though my heart beats for you,
My duty remains to him and those I bore for him.
They call me mother and them I call child”

As I wake to each new day, it wakes with me
This love that I kept neatly stored away
In the deepest recesses of my heart
Hoping you don’t see it
Hoping you never hear it
In the way your name rolls off my tongue
Ebubechukwu, Ebubechukwu


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I Wish

I wish we could be friends again
Play love games again
Look into each others eyes
And sing songs again.

I wish we could be one again
Live like one again
Go back to the day we met
Trade phone calls again

I wish we could sit and talk
For long hours about nothing
Share moments of silence
Listening to each other breathe
Share those moments
Rehatch those times
When in a crowded room
The only two are you and I 

I wish we could be born again
Live our lives again
And wait for the moment
When we meet again

I wish we could start again
You and I again
Forget the day and time
We were forced to part again

I wish that day never happened
I wish I never read the text
I wish I never touched your phone
I wish I had left it all alone
But no matter how much I wish
Even if I get a genie gift
I know I can never get you back
I know it’s best to walk away



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The message was always cryptic

But it set her heart racing

It didn’t matter who was watching

The smile

The glow on her face, it said it all

Revealing the innermost feelings

The joy in her eyes

Hiding the pain from another time

Another  place

Another love


Every day I watched

Seated across from she

The timing was near perfect

The smile

The glow on her face, it said it all

Revealing the innermost feelings

The dimple on her cheek

Settling in like a rain drop

As it hits the sand

This time

This love


I could time my meals by her smile

Breakfast, lunch and then its five

And then he appears to take her home

At the dot of six

Not a second more

Not a second less

They hold hands, smiling into each other eyes

Dead to the world all around

Two in the dance of one

Their time

Their love


Then one day, I missed breakfast

Her smile faded

An apparition in a desert storm

Another day, dimples repressed

Lunch was spent a-pacing

At five she was at the window

A week of torrents pouring down her face

By six, it was done, like a month you see

Another gone to rest

Lost love

Last love.

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You Need an EchoSystem

What good is a great product that no one knows about?

Or as Philosopher George Berkeley asks “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

It is not enough to have a great product.

Brand recall is so important that corporation budget millions into running campaigns.
As a startup, you cannot compete with big corps, your feeble voice will be drummed out to oblivion even if you tried. But you can key into an echosystem to create the best brand buzz possible.
For the purpose of this post, echosystem will be defined as a system that you can key into to create the best brand buzz possible such that the noise will reverberate in the community over which you wish to exert influence.

You may have been told that the best place to start your brand buzz is your virtual office also known as your website. Well, this is not totally true, except your business is totally dependent on your owning a website, when you are lean on cash, it would be a wiser choice to wait. Instead, you may want to take advantage of the social networks which are free: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, and Linked in are all networks you may want to take advantage of depending on your line of business.
Signing up is just the start. No sooner, have you signed up to a network than you realize that it is called a network because you need to bring people together. You call them friends, fans or followers. These would be the first in the line of your echosystem. You need people that will help you make some noise.

How do you find them?

Start with the known
Start off with friends you know who share similar interests. Find out if they belong to your social network, if they don’t invite them. They will help build a base. In creating an echosystem, you will find that you have to set the tone and pace of the conversation or someone else will and when they do, you may not like what they’ll be saying.

Make Friends with your customers.
Your first set of customers/clients is very important. If you offer very good service they will talk about it. They will become your brand ambassadors. If they are on your social network, reach out to them. Find out things like their birthday or anniversary and send a special message to them on that day. They will be happy you remembered them and may seize the opportunity to talk to their friends about you. You need to be careful though that you do not mix up names or dates. This tweet screams all kinds of tardy


Find the Influencers
Yes, you may believe you are the best thing to have happened in your ecosystem since the first man landed on the moon, but you must acknowledge there are people who have gone down this lane before you. For every social network, there are the lords with influence. You may want to make friends with a few of them. Find them and contribute to conversations they are having and they will reecho your thoughts when you politely ask them to.

Attend events
Keep abreast of events that are organized within your ecosystem. This is a good way of meeting people who share the same ideas as you do and learning and sharing with them. Always remember to take exchange phone numbers and social media contact information. Be the first to add people to your network, remember, you are the one who needs them. For instance you may want to join one of the growing hubs in Nigeria and actively share in events they organize.

Contribute to ongoing conversation
Use your social media pages to talk about your brand. Remain focused and yet give your page personality. While it is important to talk about things that has to do with your start up and your wonderful achievements, ensure that these will be presented in such a way as to appeal to people in your network. For instance, we don’t really care if you have hit one millions subscribers and therefore you are smiling to the bank. We will be more interested in the process. What business model did you use? Can it be replicated? Also, get involved in conversations that concern other people and the projects they are working on. We already know that people who run startups have oversized egos. Try and keep yours in check.

And then the Website
When you have created brand buzz, more and more people would want to know more about your business and buy from you. They would need to find you online. This would be a great time to build a website.
When building your website bear in mind that everything, from layout, to architecture to design and content, should be built to sell without screaming “buy me”. It would pay to get a professional to work on the content of your website and create a brand story. An experienced content marketer would know how to sell your product with the least amount of words to your target audience in the shortest possible time.

Remember, building a great social network and designing a great website can only contribute to your echosystem if it keeps the customer returning and talking about you. As Jeff Bezos puts it, “If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends”.
If you are a fan of the chicken and egg joke, here is the best place to insert it.


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