Have You Been Blessed With Failure?

14 Mar

We are a people obsessed with success. The media tells us its the only way to go~succeed or be forgotten. Advertisers have a run with it. There is a smile for success, the Maclean smile.  Even in churches, we are thrilled to Success Hour and talks of how no one that serves God is a failure. Our God is perfect and did he not make man in his image?

We would do everything to succeed. Why do you think that students cheat in exams? Why do people steal? Why would a sportman do drugs? Why does someone who just arrived a store want to be served first? To me,  as a people, we have been programmed by society to succeed at all costs. ‘The end justifies the means’.

Yet, we forget that failure is a major ingredient to success. You will never truly value success until you have failed. The more you fail, the more valuable your success will be. Did you not read that the righteous man falls seven times? What is a fall if not faillure?

I remember back when I was in secondary school, our principal would make a statement when we lose in a competition: ‘they failed gallantly’.

The world may not celebrate a loser, gallant or not but the loser gains. He did not sit back and do nothing, he tried and failed. Did not someone say it is better to love and lose than to not have loved at all? Failure presupposes that you tried.  

Do not be deceived, the fact that you gave something your 100% is no guarantee that you will succeed in it. When you fail, think about why you failed and see if you can work at it. Remember, you may never succeed at something no matter how passionate you are about it. Sometimes it is best to accept that you failed and move on to something else. That Lincoln succeeded at the fifth try is no guarantee that you will.

Let me leave you with this tweet from a friend that I found absolutely inspiring:

“@Mister_Mobility: I was so used to winning everytime that the first time I failed, I was in shock. But eventually, I learnt that it’s okay to fail sometimes

Have fun as you fail!

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