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The Prayer of Grief

You have taken a seat in my heart
You have chosen not to depart
You have brought discomfort and pain
Made the world view me with utter disdain

I prayed asked for you to pass away
But you have chosen in my heart to stay
Why don’t you take a hike just flee
Let me return to my state of glee

Grief has overtaken me
Joy, my friend, forsaken me
Peace has so eluded me
Sorrow has befriended me

I have chosen to break free from you
Second by second I’ll drift from you
I take my life back I’ll walk from you
From now to eternity escape from you

The road may grow long and be ardous
Full of thorns sometimes tortuous
But I know one day I’ll be glorious
Some day real soon be victiorious

Why should I sit and cry
When there’s none to wipe me dry
I shall buy wings I shall fly
I’ll rather die while I try


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Loving you with all my senses

My love for you is like my eyes
Seeing into your soul so deep
Watching over you while you sleep
Praying God your life to keep
Wishing all my harvest you will reap
Seeing through the built facade
Acknowledging with due regard
Your pain, your hurt though undeserved
Staring unending, unshaken, unswerved

My love for you is like my ear
hearing every sound far and near
Singing ‘wish you were here’
Knowing I’ll never let you cry a tear
Hearing the unsaid the unspoken
Knowing all I give is just a token
Believing my feelings will ne’er be broken
Trusting the desires I’ve awoken

My love for you is like my nose
Smelling the sweet scent of a rose
Giddy like one who’s taken an overdose
Of a strong drug, no not even close
Smelling like the queen of the night
Bright like the day night took flight
So wrong yet we know its just right
Your name in my heart I would write

My love for you is like my tongue
Probing, finding tastes that have long
Been forgotten, abandoned like a sad song
Returning like the the day it was first sung
Tasting the sweetness of innermosts parts
The taste which reminds you of hearts
Joined as one beating in harmony, a duet
Forever you forever me 14 lines, a sonnet

My love for you is like my hand
Touching the good part of the land
Ensuring that it rises and takes a stand
Such passion! For you I’ll wear a band
These hands that have been taught to find
The sweetest spots, no part left behind
Exploring until you call back to mind
Thoughts you never knew, ecstasies undefined

And the there is the sense called number six
That keeps the balance and knows how to fix
The errors when my mind tends to mix
Love and lust, like vodka and beer my life could jinx

I love with all my senses
I love with all my heart
I love with no pretences
I loved you from the start


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Have You Been Blessed With Failure?

We are a people obsessed with success. The media tells us its the only way to go~succeed or be forgotten. Advertisers have a run with it. There is a smile for success, the Maclean smile.  Even in churches, we are thrilled to Success Hour and talks of how no one that serves God is a failure. Our God is perfect and did he not make man in his image?

We would do everything to succeed. Why do you think that students cheat in exams? Why do people steal? Why would a sportman do drugs? Why does someone who just arrived a store want to be served first? To me,  as a people, we have been programmed by society to succeed at all costs. ‘The end justifies the means’.

Yet, we forget that failure is a major ingredient to success. You will never truly value success until you have failed. The more you fail, the more valuable your success will be. Did you not read that the righteous man falls seven times? What is a fall if not faillure?

I remember back when I was in secondary school, our principal would make a statement when we lose in a competition: ‘they failed gallantly’.

The world may not celebrate a loser, gallant or not but the loser gains. He did not sit back and do nothing, he tried and failed. Did not someone say it is better to love and lose than to not have loved at all? Failure presupposes that you tried.  

Do not be deceived, the fact that you gave something your 100% is no guarantee that you will succeed in it. When you fail, think about why you failed and see if you can work at it. Remember, you may never succeed at something no matter how passionate you are about it. Sometimes it is best to accept that you failed and move on to something else. That Lincoln succeeded at the fifth try is no guarantee that you will.

Let me leave you with this tweet from a friend that I found absolutely inspiring:

“@Mister_Mobility: I was so used to winning everytime that the first time I failed, I was in shock. But eventually, I learnt that it’s okay to fail sometimes

Have fun as you fail!

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Let The Rain Reign In Its Season

The day became night and the sun took to flight
Claps of thunder, rumbling as the cloud gets darker
Parents calling out to children up and about
The scramble for shelter as rain drops begin to patter

She walks calmly with no urgency
The rain pours on her, her blouse
Silk hugging her skin, her frame thin
Yet she walks calmly with no urgency

Doors closed, the ground hosed
The smell of dust and wind mingle as one
She gives no heed as the rain sips through
And travels down to her pants, edges soaked in puddle
She walks calmly with no urgency

Her calmness seems to taunt the rains
Her smile at the overflow of the drains
The streets almost submerged, fields gone
Roads no longer identifiable as separate from the gutters
Yet, she walks calmly, pushing through the sludge

And then the rains stops, clouds clear
The sun steps out proud, bright, radiant
She hastens, trots and then runs, laughing out loud
Screams of joy bubbles forth from her
Merriness becomes her name

Hear this,

As we go through this journey called life
Tempted we may be to avoid strife
But like the rain that comes without warning
Problems towards us may come swarming
Our hearts scream hurry, run
But it’s better to wait till it’s done

The clouds of life have their place
Dark and wild they threaten us to disgrace
If we believe, they’re just a phase.
In every case,
If trials have their work complete
With joy and peace we’ll be replete

As sure as day turns to night
And darkness to light
So sure will the clouds and the rain
Give way and let the sun reign
And then shall we skip and trot and run
And find joy that’s second to none.

Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything~James 1:14 NIV


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