Let’s Monkey Around

16 Jan

Do you know why Michael Jackson had a monkey as a pet? Er…same here?

Now for some serious monkey business.

The smallest monkeys are five to six inches small, that’s the length of an average man’s penis (you can just imagine a monkey hidden in a man’s crotch). While some are way larger, they all share some common characteristics and in this post we will see just how much we can improve our lives by learning from monkeys.

Monkeys are good with their hands. The baby monkey learns the world with its hands and can adapt its hands to various activities. Today, more and more entrepreneurs prefer monkeys – people who can work with their hands or have a lot of practical knowledge. It would be a good idea, then, while in school to not just get a theoretical knowledge of things as this is of little value in the real world if not supported by practical skills. Has one of the defects of the Nigerian educational system not been that it produces graduates that are unemployable because they lack basic skill sets? If our administrators will learn from monkeys then they will develop and implement a curriculum that is practical oriented.

Related to this is the monkeys ability to imitate. You can teach a monkey maany things that it can not only learn but even use them to outsmart you as a human. Monkeys are teachable. Are you?

Being teachable is way different from being quick to understand things. It means having the humility (among other things) to sit at someone’s feet to learn from them. It means not being quick to point out how you want others to live to make things easier for you but how you can contribute to make life easier for them. A teachable person will listen, learn and then imitate what he has been taught. We are here reminded of a classroom where the students are expected to listen to the teacher and learn from them. In the real world however, every experience in life is a teacher and only those who are humble-like a monkey-can learn life’s lessons and improve.

As my friend @Jesseoguns puts it, life is often full of ‘useless knowledge’ but we can ‘spot the patterns and join the dots at intersections’. We do not have to be the smartest people in the room to learn we just have to find the smartest ways in which to learn: we can either learn from our own mistakes or from the mistakes of others. The important thing is that we do learn and become better individuals. So you do well to ask yourself, in what way can I be more teachable? This blogpost offers an interesting perspective    

Monkeys do not like to be cuddled by humans. Monkeys know their kind and will only happily accept displays of affection from their kind. This seems like a basic principle but many times we humans do not know how to identify our kind. We often give or want to receive affection from the wrong people. Have you not heard it said that good girls are attracted to bad boys and vice versa?  If we would be like monkeys then we would set up a criteria before which we can get emotionally involved with people and stick to it. For some, a basic ground for a relationship could be that the person loves God and their fellowman. A man may decide that he will only marry a woman that meets with certain requirements: Is she clean? Can she cook? Is she respectful? Such criteria are often based on what is of paramount importance to the individual in question and what he or she is bringing to the table. What moral justification does a man who cheats on his girlfriend have to be wishing for a failthful wife? Be like a monkey-stick to your kind.

Monkeys are also clever and curious yet they know how to have fun.

So, do you now know why Michael Jackson had a monkey as a pet? Oh well…same here:)

Let’s make it a date same place next week! In the mean time let’s keep learning from animals.

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Posted by on January 16, 2013 in Lessons From Animals


One response to “Let’s Monkey Around

  1. Charles Oyeleke Williams

    January 23, 2013 at 9:02 am

    Great lessons in monkeying around…Glad to meet you.


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