Wake Up Call

12 Jan

At death, on the tombstone, an epitaph
On peoples lips, a song, no a dirge
Lips moving out of sync
Muttered words of pain
Single words, then torrents, a surge
Hearts bleeding, on the brink
Heads wag in disdain
Pam’s words, captured true, in hieroglyph

A single line
Written fine

You remind me daily to forget how to love everyone…including you.

The throng, a crowd, a funeral procession
Chants low, rhythmic, their voices haunting
Each with a shade of why?
Why her? Why now?
Death walks, smile aflaunting
Sweetness had to die
Pam has taken the final bow
Does she have hope of a ressurection?

The single line
Etched in mind

You remind me daily to forget how to love anyone…including you.

Those words, the famous last words
Words he’ll remember to the end of time
Words I spoke, eyes glazed unseeing
Eyes that were once full of life, of love
I remembered a season, another clime
My love used to touch his very being
He said my voice was sweet, like a dove
Carrying, floating off on wings like a bird

That single line
I left behind

You remind me daily to forget how to love anyone…including you

Listen to him:

Cover me with sackloth and ashes
Let me see only darkness and gloom
For with my own hands I murdered love
By my actions I destroyed the light in my life
I see the day, in fragments in flashes
The day on which came my doom
I should have left her, I swear by Jove
The push that snuffed out her breath, her life

The single line
In death define

You remind me daily to forget how to love anyone…including you.

Oh that you were alive in another man’s arms
Oh that you left and kept yourself from harm
Oh that you had listened to e’ry one, your fam
Oh that we never met, my true love my Pam
I let my anger pitch me against you
My jealousy a great force against you
My rage, a burning fire against you
My obsession dressed like love against you

And quietly one drop at a time your love for me slipped away
And all I stared at was an empty shell, day after day
I curse the very day I met you I should have walked away
My heart has tricked me, my feet has led me astray

The single line
I hear in my jail

You remind me daily to forget how to love anyone…including you.

Wake up call! Alas it was just a dream
No a nightmare, the nightmare I’ll be
Forced to die if I stay, if I
Do not walk away
The voice in my head a scream
Shouting softly, the voice telling me
‘Walk steadily away, don’t cry
Leave now, today’

I took the walk and I’ve never looked back.

Wisdom is the prime thing~Proverbs 4:7


Posted by on January 12, 2013 in Poetry


3 responses to “Wake Up Call

  1. famuyideolawale

    January 12, 2013 at 12:14 pm

    BRILLIANT!!! I love the last quote from the bible “Wisdom is the prime thing”

  2. Iyiola

    January 13, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    This is from a ‘dark place’…… Powerful lines..

  3. ohisky

    February 6, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    And in all thy gettings, get undastanding. Nice one


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