As We Were

24 Dec

I stood
Convincing myself, saying
soon… soon.

I could
Give up all hope
Say I can’t cope
Cos I aint dope
Berating myself, I grope

I stand outside
Staring from the other side
Telling me: take it all in stride
Accept it don’t give in to pride
Life is only taking you on a ride
So you’ll have all the time to decide
What to accept with which laws to abide.

I wept inside
Tears from my eyes dried
Telling me: let this be your guide
Not all deserve your trust to hide
Someone in whom I thought to confide
No longer in my secret place does she reside.

There they were
The ones I once called friend
The ones I thought I’d love to the end
I walk past, I know them not I pretend
Yet in secret, their honour I defend
My heart I seek to mend
Forgiveness extend
As we were

Make your foot rare at the house of your fellowman, that he may not have his sufficiency of you and certainly hate you~Prov 25:17

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Posted by on December 24, 2012 in General


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