C is for Cat

04 Dec

You may already know these sayings with ‘cat’ in them:
Curiosity killed the cat.
Who will bell the cat?
A cat has nine lives: three for playing, three for straying and three for staying.
Look what the cat dragged in!
But a few of these may be somewhat strange:
A cat can look at a king.
All cats are grey in the dark and
Nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Yet, all these sayings are built on a characteristic of our feline friends, the cat. True, in some cultures in Africa, seeing a cat, especially a black one is judged a bad omen as cats are generally thought to be used by witches. But, some people do keep this creatures as adorable pets. Let us take a few lessons from cats.

Cats stare

They stare at everyone with those huge eyes. Little wonder the saying: A cat can look at a king. This saying is used to mean ‘no one is so important that an ordinary person can not look at him or her; we can all be curious about important people’. Cats are very curious creatures. Remember curiosity killed the cat?

The bigger question is: where should our curiosity or looking, if you choose, at important people lead us. Should we just look at pictures of how they live and spend time day dreaming about someday being like them or do we become curious about how they achieved their success with a view to learning from them how to be better in our personal endeavours?

Do you understand the concept of mentorship? Can your curiosity move you to walk up to an ‘important’ person and ask that they take you under their wings? Let’s say, your dream is to become a professional footballer. Would your curiosity move you to find out all you can about footballers you know and can be introduced to and who can help you advance your career or will you sit all day reading sports magazines and dreaming of how one day you will play in the European League? Curiosity should move you to find out and then you must act on your knowledge.

Still on the cat’s stare, who can hold back from a cat staring with those luminous eyes? Interestingly, cats also use the same eyes to stare down their prey. Bottom line is cats use their eyes to help them get what they want. Let’s relate this to the workplace. Picture this scenario:

James has been working hard all year for this promotion. Getting it means so much to him which is why he has ensured he has a clean slate all year: he arrives at work early and does all he is asked. He has even gone a step further to do some things he hasn’t been asked. There’s no way he is not getting this promotion.

But then, there’s Peter. Peter does good work too, well not as good as James and he has been late a number of times- damn traffic. Here’s the catch, Peter does something we all like to call ‘kissing arse’. He sucks up to the boss. Just the other day, he was sharing pro golf tips with the boss. No, Peter does not like golf, he took an interest because it is something the boss likes. Slowly but surely, Peter warmed his way into the bosses heart. Now who do you think will get that promotion?

Never forget: it’s a jungle out there and a cat is king of the jungle.

Cats play

On my TL yesterday someone made a note about people trading their sense of humour for a bag of seriousness. After I read that update, I realised that I wasn’t the only one who has noticed how much less playful people were these days. Even when they take out time to unwind, they are still uptight. Or have you not seen instances of people fighting in a party?

Interestingly, the cat’s nine lives is made up of three sets of activities, each getting three lives each: playing, straying and staying. Can we balance our lives the same way? Like someone said: no one ever died from laughing.

My ‘friend’ @sagaysagay on Twitter runs a humour blog. If you ever find yourself worked up and uptight, do pay him a visit here… . Remember, playing decreases your chances of dying young! And no one really wants to be around people who are grouchy.

Inspite of how playful the cat is, it knows there’s a time to stray and a time to stay, that’s balance if you ask me. I hope the players out there learn that a time comes in their lives, after they have said ‘I do’ that they just need to stay and take care of the one they call their own.

So much more we can learn from cats which we can apply practically in our day to day living: the cat’s grooming, dragging something in…

I am anabagail on Twitter and on my TL today, I’ll be all catty;)


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3 responses to “C is for Cat

  1. tonypox

    December 5, 2012 at 8:53 am

    more lessons please. God bless you ma.

  2. ope says

    December 6, 2012 at 7:49 pm

    Incredible lessons from the cat. Who knew cats are so full of wisdom ? Thank you for this beautiful,well-written piece

  3. Noel Ihebuzor

    December 21, 2012 at 4:55 am

    Good piece, Abigail. Cats also claw and scratch when they are angry. They have very soft paws but those same soft paws contain sharp claws which cats can call into service once the need arises! C is for Car and for claw! There is a lesson here too!


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