Thoughts of a Triple B

08 Aug

Dear Diary,
I have the most delightful news. I just learnt that MD would be paying our backlog of salaries tomorrow *does a tap dance* And guess who told me? Tony! Remember Tony? The new guy in Tech? The one I can’t stop talking about? I haven’t stopped thinking about his lips, imagining how it would feel against mine! Yeah, I should stop dreaming, right? I know, but I can’t help myself. Tony is just one of those guys you meet and you just can’t stop drooling and dreaming. But my dreams would soon come true because tomorrow I’m buying my BB.

Yes! That’s why Tony even noticed me. I found the courage to talk to him even though my stomach was tightening and my feet were shaking. Thank God I was seated so he didn’t notice. And when he spoke…Gosh! I hope I didn’t make a total fool of myself! I must have just been staring stupidly at his lips, imagining…I need to get a hold of myself!

He explained to me in that sexy, deep rich honey voice that I can just fall asleep listening to, that because of how much I have a BB 9700 would be best, that’s the one they call Bold 2. Then he said some technical things I didn’t hear because at that point I felt like his warm hands were on my thigh and slowly moving up until it gets to…I should stop! These thoughts… It’s just been so long since I felt this way for anyone, since I’ve been with anyone. I know, Emeka should have taught me never to feel this way again but…

Anyway, when I get my BB, I’m going to be on a higher level than that nasty Alice. Hers is an ordinary Curve 2, she can’t even receive 3G network. Tony said Curve girls are always on EDGE. I couldn’t stop laughing. And she is there thinking Tony likes her. I will show that ‘villagian’ what’s up! Yeah, I know that’s not a word…but calling her villager would sound ‘toosh! Imagine that she pronounces Levi’s as if it is ‘levy’! Proper villagian and she’ll be forming ‘bigger gurls!’

Plus, she is very lazy. Kai, I’ve never seen any one as lazy as she is. Once MD steps out of the office she just starts pinging every one of her friends on her BB and abandons all the office work to me. Either that or she goes over to Tech to see you know who. And he too will be smiling and talking with her. Maybe its all those low cut blouses and short skirts she wears. She doesn’t fail to remind me that she’s a 38D. One day, I too will learn how they come about all those sizes. At least with a BB I will always go online and Google all the information. Hahaha, I just remembered, that Alice girl calls it ‘Goggle’!

Tony said it would be a good idea to buy two batteries since the BB battery is always draining. He also said I should buy a media card, I don’t know what that is, but I’ll ask them at the market. He said he will transfer music into my phone. Imagine! I will be listening to the type of songs he listens to. I am beginning to think he likes me too or why else will he want to transfer his music to me? He said after I buy the phone, he will help me set it up. I know I can do it myself, but imagine me near him as he does that. I’ll be able to take in the smell of his perfume and maybe, just maybe he will touch me…

Tony said he’ll help me download applications from Appworld and also teach me a few tricks that will keep my BB in top shape. I can’t wait for tomorrow to come. My BB will bring me closer to my dream of being with Tony. *yawns* I have to go now. Sleep calls. I’ll tell you all about tomorrow, even if MD is killing me with work, I’ll definitely stop by. I’ll tell you all about my new UK used BB9700…

P.s If you have not read BB’s Journal then follow this link to Techsuplex


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3 responses to “Thoughts of a Triple B

  1. Ayo

    August 8, 2012 at 6:48 am

    lol…ok i’m wondering who the “villagian” is now…

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  3. yemijoshua

    August 24, 2012 at 12:23 am

    Looool! This is hilarious! Villagian…! But really…


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