…And the Keeper in her Place

05 Jul

So my housekeeper decided it was okay to give me a tongue lashing today. No, its not in her job description. It’s true I sometimes forget what a persons job description is but I most certainly would remember if I had employed someone just to give me a tongue lashing when they deemed fit. But, she still does it whenever she sees me, which is not often.

Of course, I found this very annoying. I mean who wouldn’t. It’s as annoying as those pesky people who say ‘giyam breast now’ when a baby decides to pick the most inappropriate place to cry. Imagine a baby crying in a crowded bus and the expect you to bring out your breast and … urgh!!! Nosey people, as nosey as my housekeeper!

*Sigh* My housekeeper, who from this point I’ll call HK. U know HK, house keeper? Get it just H for house and…ok u get it… But just so you know there are people who don’t get it. I’ve had people ask me what’s ‘LOL’, ‘RME’, ‘TMI’ ‘TTSIDL’ and even ‘HNIC’. Okay you are not one of those…yeah?

So her complaint is that I burn food also known as ‘I’m wasteful’. Like WTH?! Is it her kitchen or her pot? I burn food n so effing what? Is it her food? I mean its not like my husband is complaining. And even if he is, I know how to handle him. You know I can’t burn the other one. Its always fresh *winks*. And as for the kids, well, they get to eat whatever I give them *tongue out*.

I mean why should HK be complaining? Even if she gets to scrub and wash the pots and keep the kitchen clean! Its not like I burn everyday…just like five times a week *looks round* okay six, but my point is: I pay her. And she should not be telling me what to or not to do. Such things get people fired. Like who’s the ‘she-boss’ anyway?!

And so I have decided I’m going to show her who’s in charge. You should not allow people who work for you get away with such things. You must always draw the line.

Come to think of it, I have perfectly good reasons I burn food. Sometimes I’m tweeting and the talk is so cool I don’t remember I’m cooking and the food burns. And sometimes I’m watching a really you-can’t-leave-this-show-for-anything on TV. Does she expect me to remember a darn pot in the middle of a movie? I mean who does that?

And then of course there are times I’m working. I’m always multi tasking on the really important things in life. Like I can be writing a script, watching a movie and tweeting. How can I add minding the pot to my multitasking? That would be very dumb. And you know I aint dumb, right?

So I am drawing the line. She’s never going to get to talk to me like that no more. And you know why? Because from this night, I’m going to effect great changes. She really should not have tongue-lashed me. She should have just stuck to her duties, then I wouldn’t have need to make this decision that would have far reaching consequences. When I’m pushed to the wall, I don’t scale the wall, I turn right around and push back. *Stands up for effects* From tonight, I repent from burning food *straight facce*. What better way to put a stop to being put down like that?

Wait a minute, you didn’t think I was going to fire her, did you? Come on guys, she’s a keeper *smiles* Pun intended!


Posted by on July 5, 2012 in General


2 responses to “…And the Keeper in her Place

  1. Juwah Patrick.

    July 5, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    Diary of another mad black woman! PUN INTENDED! *winks*

  2. tonypox

    July 6, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    hahahaha.rotflwkmd.i love dis.


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