Trapped in Love

16 May

Three Couples! Three Stories! Same Predicament!

Damian and Funke have been dating for over a year, they love each other. Funke can only see him weekends because she has a full schedule as a bank executive during the week. Damian is currently unemployed. When they do meet, they each make several withdrawals from their bank of love. Damian complains endlessly of his sorry life: he can’t seem to get a job and nothing is working. Funke tries to be empathetic mostly but sometimes the frustration and stress of work and caring for her younger siblings gets to her. Their meeting ends in a shouting match! But on Sunday evening Damien comes around, apologises and they settle the quarel with a kiss…well, more than a kiss!

Felix and Cheta are in love. They have been married for over three years. They have a lovely son and all her friends envy her. Cheta was lucky to have grabbed him.

Felix and Cheta had abstained during courtship for purely religious reasons. Felix had been sexually active before and would often regale Cheta with tales of how high his libido is. Cheta was happy. Didn’t her married friends often complain that their husbands came too fast?

After marriage, Cheta discovered that Felix could be high on something else as well. Sometimes he would even come home for ‘lunch’ and could go on for hours. ‘Dinner’ never was enough!

At first, Cheta didn’t mind. Wasn’t this proof that he loves her? But as the months rolled into a year, Cheta felt Felix should cool down-he didn’t. Things took a bad twist when Felix didn’t seem to hear her say no. He would force himself on her if she resisted him. It was as if he was possessed by a demon when he wanted it and would go to any lengths to get it.

These days sex between them has become a rote. Felix does not seem to mind and neither does Cheta’s body but her mind has taken to wondering. Felix makes up by buying her expensive gifts.

Udoh and Maureen have been courting for 2 years. They hope to get married soon. Udoh is caring to a fault and hates to see Maureen hurt. Maureen loves him for this and can not think of anything separating them-not even his temper.

They are due to be married in a few months. Maureen’s friends and family have stopped telling her it is a bad idea. When Udoh gets angry, which is not very often, the root is always something Helen said or did or didn’t! Helen believes that if she can keep to Udoh’s rules which often includes preventing things beyond her control, they would be fine.

Like the day Maureen got a text. Udoh was closer to the phone and picked it. After reading the text, his anger visited and Maureen ended up in the hospital. It turned out the sext was sent to Maureen in error, a misplacement of the last two digits. Udoh was contrite, as always, and promised it would never happen again. Maureen believed. Love believes all things, doesn’t it.

Funke’s only wish is that Damian gets a job. Cheta wishes that she will get a drug that will make her become Felix’s match in bed and Maureen’s wish is that God grants her the grace to never get Udoh angry.

Funke, Cheta and Maureen all swear they are still in love with their partners. They believe that someday, if they pray, work and trust hard enough, they will conquer. Love conquers all!

But is love always enough?


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4 responses to “Trapped in Love

  1. Obafemi

    May 18, 2012 at 11:00 am

    Love alone is not enough! We often delude ourselves by thinking we can hide somethings under the auspices of (s)he loves me while it doesn’t work that way. Thank God some of the examples manifested in courtship, so they can know what to do bout it. otherwise, like in the case of cheta, such issues lead (wo)men astray by seeking for better things to fill the vacuum. Just like someone said, “If love is blind, Marriage will open your eyes.”

  2. Efosa (@fossiiee)

    May 18, 2012 at 11:10 am

    Hmmnn….. i like this one. I guess I have to respect the men tho’. They all showed their true colour before the wedding. So whatever happens, na on d woman head e de. Me i just don’t feel those slimy brothers who pretend to be saints b4 d marriage n then show their true color after. BE YOURSELF!!!

  3. A_G_A_L_I GCFR

    May 18, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    (my opinion). There are so many things that go into keeping a relationship alive. For example; HUMOR, ROMANCE, COMMUNICATION, ATTRACTION, SEX, SACRIFICE, RESPECT, LOVE etc. Love conquers all but its not enough. It is all about the individual’s needs and desires. As powerful as love is, it cannot work on it’s own. It needs its support just as much as lovers need support from each other.

  4. BragginRightz

    May 18, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    I do NOT believe love is always enough, let’s be real here ,life is not a Harlequin novel story. But then,it’s worth the try to say the very least.

    For some reasons I can connect with this write-up. Lovely one here Ma’am.


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