Irreplaceable (3)

19 Feb

I turn the corner into my street. Not too long a street, about fifteen houses each row, more of poor than middle class neighbourhood, traders line the streets, annoying people that do nothing but stare. I walk past them determined not to greet anyone.

‘sisi kabo o.’

I could tell ‘iya’ Micheal’s voice even if I was just rousing from sleep. Who in heaven’s name says ‘sisi’ anymore? I ignore her like I always do. I know this won’t stop her tomorrow.

Now I wish I had looked up. I wish I had smiled and returned her greeting, then maybe she would have warned me.

‘Is this the suspect?’

‘Yes sir’

‘Un-cuff her’

‘Sir, she’s dangerous and…’

‘And she will over power me in the station? I said un-cuff her’

The officer does as he was asked. I let out a small smile. I was sure that as he undid my cuffs, he remembered as clearly as I did how difficult it was to arrest me.

I open my door and walk in and then I see my captive slowly making his way to the door like a drunk, swaying this way and that, eyes unsteady.

‘Help me’

Door ajar, my auto response was to send him back to the bedroom, my bedroom- the only place where he should belong.

Wrong move.

The combination of the heat from the sun, my pride and exhaustion from working with Dr Soul all night weakened my senses. He was not even plain clothed. A pound rather than a knock. The door thrown open. Caught in the act. I will not go down without a fight. Others go for the jugular, I go for the crotch. He screams. He was not alone.

He un-cuffs me and leaves the room. This must be the DPO. I could have dated him if the circumstances were different. But then, I could have dated anyone as long as it dangled between his legs and was there when I wanted. I have never been picky except with him. Chris I never want to share. He was supposed to be mine.

The DPO stares at me. I felt sorry for him. Maybe he wanted some. Looking closer, he is not as young as he looked earlier. Possibly early 50s, small beer belly, about 5′ 8”, dark skinned- very dark skinned, probably South-South. Not that it helped my case. Maybe his wife is fat and ugly. Wishes!

‘Have they taken your statement?’

Was he being nice?

I nod

‘You are being charged with kidnapping and attempted murder’. It was more of a question than a statement. I said nothing.

‘Do you have a lawyer?’

I almost told him about a lawyer I had. It was a week after Chris had showed me my body and made me feel passions I had never felt before, discovered places I never knew existed, the inside of my knee, a spot somewhere up my thigh just before my V. He had come to me with a VD, I treated him at home. He was thankful I cured him without telling his wife. He was my neighbour. Afterwards, he paid weekly and sometimes bi weekly neighbourly visits. I played nurse. He rated 8 mostly -very good but not Chris excellent.

‘Do you have a lawyer?’

Another nod

‘You should call him’

‘I don’t have my phone’

‘You can use mine’

This guy was really being kind to me. What does he want?’

I take the phone from him, my hand brushes against him, eyes lock.

No words are spoken as I unbuckle his belt and give it to him. He groans and quakes but I wouldn’t let him cum- special trick I know. Chris taught me after he discovered I hate the taste of sperm. He goes over and locks his door-a zombie under my spell. He returns and takes me, plain missionary. He tried, but not so good, maybe a 6. He came. I didn’t.

He comes to me twice during the night and takes me out for questioning. He questioned and each time I answered. The second time was under the stars in the car park. He tried doggie, still no words. By the third time we spoke. I no longer needed a lawyer, but I had to leave town.

I run a permanent morning shift now. It was easy to get another job. I am a good nurse and I have a good doctor. His wife is the Matron. They have not slept in the same room for years. These days, he likes my room better. He doesn’t mind the hour drive. I still have Chris’ picture by my bedside, it gives me stability, keeps the demons away. Someday, I’m going to come back and find him. I need to tell him why I did it. Why I just couldn’t let go. He needs to know that I still find him irreplaceable. 


Posted by on February 19, 2012 in General, Short Story


4 responses to “Irreplaceable (3)

  1. Izebhokhae Stanley

    February 19, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    Graphic, I should find time to read the part 1 and 2 with this busy schedule of mine. Perhaps I may discover another spot and phantom the taste nothing I'll never let in my mouth….

  2. Abigail

    February 20, 2012 at 6:18 am

    I hope 'graphic' is a good thing:) Thanks for stopping by and reading. 1 and 2 will help create perspective. Thanks again!

  3. Abisagbo Segun

    February 20, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    Hmmm, this lady needs help o! Yeye DPO, he must get AIDS

  4. dohgak Maichibi

    December 4, 2013 at 8:26 pm



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