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Irreplaceable (2)

It has been two weeks and he is still here. Not that he could have left anyway. She had made sure of that. Good thing she had made friends with Dr Solomon. The only questions he asked were the type answered in bed-and sometimes a chair on days when the business of sickness and death was slow . She smiles to herself. Wonder how his bitch of a wife feels now. She had the effrontery to call her asking after her husband. She is so dumb. Maybe she’ll keep him another week, or maybe forever.

She steps into the bedroom and he turns on cue, his eyes unfocused, disoriented. She walks over and kisses him on the forehead. She looks down slowly to where his fly covers his crotch. He used to be so proud of what lay underneath. How many times has she begged him to take her. She looks round the room. They had done it everywhere imaginable, every position you can think of. She scoffs as she remembers the day they played at sadomasochism. He had beat her up. She started the fight. Oh how she loved the savagery of sex after a fight- a quirt of juice seeps involuntarily into her panties. He couldn’t take her now. He couldn’t take anyone in a long while to come.

She picks up the needle and turns the underside of his arm. She coos soothingly to him, not that it matters. She plunges and watches him as his eyes flutter and close. She was so wet now. She tugs at his arm and somehow gets the arm to her nipple, she runs his hand over and over her and groans as she gets hotter. She wanted more. His hand goes limp and she drops it in frustration and then looks at the time. No time for a quick wank. But if she hurries, she can catch up with Dr ‘Soul’ before he leaves for the night. Five minutes in the treatment room would be enough. Or maybe on the examining room. She smiles reminiscing. The devils had left. With him in the house, they were kept at bay and she could live her life. She loved it like this… only she wished he could be a part of it…she had given him a chance and he had thrown it away…his loss.

She hurries out of the room, giving the room a once over. Everything was working according to plans. Maybe, she would keep him for two more weeks. His wounds were almost healed but she still wanted that bitch to suffer. She hurries out into the living room. And is heading for the door when she hears a knock. She automatically looks at the wall clock. She can’t afford any guests now.

She opens the door, wearing a tentative smile. It could become a full smile or be upturned into a frown depending on who’s at the other side.

It became a frown.

‘What d’u want’

‘My husband…you have to know where he is’

‘I told you on the phone’

‘Please Naddy’

Her eyes flashed ‘Naddy?’. She knew no one was allowed to call her that…

‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have called you that…’ ‘If I run into your husband, I’ll tell him how desperate you are’

She touches her arm and she instinctively stiffens. ‘He left home two weeks ago…we had a fight…I just want him back’

‘As I said…if I run into him…I’ll point him back to you’

She nods, her expression a mixture of sadness and shame and then walks away. She knew she wouldn’t get anything more out of her

She shuts the door almost feeling sorry for the bitch. Now she was really horny. If she missed Dr ‘Soul’, then one of the attendants would have to do. She had noticed the way one of them stares at her boobs each time he was asked to get something from her. Wonder how often he had fantasized about her. Well today just might be his day. She opens her purse. She had two ‘Rough Riders’. The attendant would have to wear a double. She made a mental note to pick another pack form the store. She remembered how her sexual ‘heist’ with Dr ‘Soul’ had started. She had dropped a plunger and had bent over to pick it. Her uniform was a trifle short. He had held her from behind and she had felt like an electric surge had bolted through her. It happened there in the store. She came. It all lasted less than five minutes.

She opened the door to leave and gives her living room the customary final sweeping look. She would have to think of what to do with her house guest soon enough, but that could wait. She still found him irreplaceable.

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